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  • Greetings to the Forum!

    I'm Van Owen, a longtime Highlander fan and roleplayer; I still keep the fandom alive in my own way, by playing my Immortal character, who is also my nom de guerre here on the internet, that I first created in the late 1990s. I'm looking forward to discussing anything Highlander related, and hopefully, I'll be able to use some of these conversations to continue to grow and evolve the character, as well as my appreciation and enjoyment of the franchise itself! This is the link to my personal Discord server for anyone who wishes to talk to me directly. I've created a Highlander channel there, though you're equally welcome to simply Direct Message me as well. I'm hoping, however, that I can can convince the powers that be here to create an official Highlander Discord server, to both facilitate conversation between members on this board, as well as reach other fans out there. Before joining this site, I tried in vain to locate a single Highlander server and failed. While there are Facebook Groups that are devoted to it, Discord is a newer platform that is Vastly better suited for specific interests, like fandom appreciation. Just because some of us are old, doesn't mean we're ready to fade away!

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    Welcome to the board! This place is pretty slow these days. In truth it was never too high in traffic, as it is more or less a recreation of the old official Highlander board, but it feels slower than it was when I joined (rejoined?). Regardless, there are plenty of discussions to be had, so if you find a topic interesting, don't hesitate to add to it, even if it hasn't had a post in a very long time. You never know who will respond, and it may just spark a friendship.

    I appreciate that you're a role player. I actually used to run a Highlander play by email RPG back in the late 90's. It didn't last very long, but it lead to some great forum based communal RPG-esque writing projects with like minded persons. I don't know if I'd have the same drive to do something like that now, but some people might be up for it if you're interested in trying to start something like that up.

    As for a board discord, you could ask Andrew NDB about it. He's the guy that resurrected this place, and while it wouldn't be truly official, as even the official board was shut down, it would be something.


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      I'm still new to Discord, and am uncertain how things like the Royal Rumble would work on it.


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        It's not terribly hard to figure out, and there are enough online guides to it, that it shouldn't be any harder than setting up a forum like this one.
        The main advantage to it, is it could offer members a chance to talk to each other in real time, as well as doing everything the current forum does. Hopefully, it could also help attract some younger fans of the series. Forums like this are kind of dinosaurs, as far as most are concerned, though some forums will also feature their own attached Discord.
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          waves at Facebook pages. I can just see the disasters occurring.

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        Welcome, welcome!
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