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Greetings, Fellow Highlander Fans.

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  • Greetings, Fellow Highlander Fans.

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to drop a line and say hey to you all. Big admirer of the series like everyone else here. From my avatar you all can see I am a big Star Wars fan too, but this is also my gaming name from Star Wars Galaxies so there is some history behind it and it's the name most people online know me by. Having watched to the best of my knowledge almost everything regarding Highlander I was curious if anyone knew of any fan films or student films made out there in regards to this story line. Those I haven't seen much of and some times those can actually be better then some of the higher budget films we've seen released. lol Anyway thank in advance. Nice to meet you all. Stay safe everyone and try not to loose your heads. lol

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    Welcome aboard this playful space!


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      I mean, there are the official Highlander fan films, like The Watcher, if that's what you're after.


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        And Dark Places!


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          Thanks mates. I appreciate it. Those will work. I don't see Hollywood throwing anything out any time soon and it's always interesting to me seeing what the actual fans come up with. Sometimes they do an even better job the the professionals. lol


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            Welcome! Maybe watch Highlander: Reunion?