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  • New Highlander Fan (sort of)


    So here's where I'm coming from. I've been a fan of the movies forever. When I first saw Highlander 2, I actually did not hate it, and I still like things about it. And I've got two different cuts of it on DVD, which I think means I've bought it a total of five times. I've seen the original movie a ton.

    But I've never seen the series.Which, BTW, made Highlander: Endgame basically incomprehensible, because there were a lot of lore updates that I didn't know about.

    So anyway, I'm watching the series now. And I'm enjoying it, which makes me wonder whey I didn't watch it when it was first airing. Or in the time between then and now.

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    Perhaps you were just lucky! To be discovering it now and having a positive experience! That's wonderful. I follow two Highlander podcasts, almost religiously. I really enjoy these guys, though my mum complains of all the swearing (hahahahah). And the Blood of Kings guys Now, this one ranges far and wide, while the other one is largely going in order. Have fun, in each and every way, if you like. They can also be found on Facebook! And Twitter. And so on...


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      Welcome to the franchise, Monty!
      “A sinner can always repent, but stupid is forever.”
      Billy Sunday


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        Welcome to the family Monty. You probably missed it in the first airing of the series because many markets showed it late at night or in the middle of the night. When the other channels aired it in later years they tended to show episodes out of sequence. Enjoy the watching now and remember to post any questions. Highlander fans love to discuss many different things. But remember to check the search guide to see if there is already a thread with that same topic that might answer your question.