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Hi, everybody!

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  • Hi, everybody!

    Wow. Andy, you did an amazing job recreating the old board.

    Hi, I'm Mickey for those who don't know me. I read somewhere around here a conversation about what if any aliases I had. I was always Mickey except when I was briefly Dark Lily. Dark Lily came about because I was a Severus Snape fanatic at the time. Everybody was happy, (if I remember correctly), when I went back to Mickey.

    I used to be Historica7 on the old Rysher Board before the existence of the original HLBB. Now that's a blast from the past. Nobody would remember me from there.

    Anyway, I was sorting through my old pictures and ran across HL convention pictures I had, and got homesick. I'm back.
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    I am happy to read you! I'm a blend of old and new, in that I cannot remember at all my old account name. I probably was a lurker, too. I like this place being back, though it's still very quiet.


    • Mickey
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      Thank-you. Have you ask people to help you remember what your old screen name might have been or did you really just lurk most of the time?
      I haven't been lurking. I just found this site last week.

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    Glad you're back! You were Dark Lily when I got here, so I'm probably one of the few who was confused by Mickey.
    “A sinner can always repent, but stupid is forever.”
    Billy Sunday


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      In 2004 I was Mickey. I wasn't Dark Lily till around 2009. I think that's when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie came out. You must have left the board for awhile too. I was gone for a couple years during that time. Anyway, how's the creative writing going?


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        Well, hello there!
        Highlander: Dark Places


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          Non existent for the HLbb, Mickey. I'm trying to write the Great American Novel.
          “A sinner can always repent, but stupid is forever.”
          Billy Sunday


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            hiiii nice to meet you dear


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              (Who is healthy69? It feels like one of those phishing e-mails)