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When did you first discover Highlander?

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  • When did you first discover Highlander?

    hi all,
    I first discovered Highlander when I was working in Sun Valley, Idaho.
    We kept getting the trailer at the theaters in Ketchum and Sun Valley.
    I went to see it because of my lifelong habit of viewing Sean Connery movies.
    I knew who Christopher was because of Greystoke.
    After seeing the film everyday after work you might say I was hooked.
    So, what was your first experience with the Highlander franchise?

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    I'm pretty certain I saw the first movie in theater, as I was a teenager. I'm SURE I watched the series on TV quite possibly from episode 1. As I'd also seen Tarzan, though not sure when, and I knew Sean Connery from James Bond, it's pretty 100% I would have been practically sitting on the ticket doorstep. Right now, though, it's all a bit fuzzy.


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      I stayed home sick from school one day when I was 12 or so, and caught a couple of reruns on (I think) USA Network.

      I was absolutely fascinated, and looked at the TV Guide to see when it was on again, and saw that there were new episodes on... NBC? I think it was NBC, but it might have been UPN, I don't remember, but it was already into season six. Anyway, I asked my parents if I could set the VCR to record them, and they said no. Apparently my mother had seen some of season one, and didn't like it, so she objected to me watching it. But I watched it anyway.

      I programmed the VCR to record the reruns on USA because no one was usually using the TV during the school day, and so my parents likely wouldn't notice. They didn't at first, but my dad caught me watching the tape one day, and asked if I'd recorded it. I confessed, but then told him it wasn't that bad, and asked him to watch an episode with me to judge for himself. He did, and said it was fine. My mother wasn't happy, but I got to watch the show.

      A few months later, the first movie was airing on AMC (you know, back when AMC aired movies instead of just Walking Dead reruns), and I recorded it so I could see it. I then... acquired... VHS copies of Highlander 2 and 3, pretending to be sick to stay home from school so I could watch them when no one else was around. Sometime later, I caught some of The Raven as it initially aired, and thought it was pretty cool, too. And then Endgame came out.

      Finally, I'd get to see a Highlander film in theaters. Luckily, I was a big kid, so even at just 14 or so, I was able to buy tickets to R rated movies without being checked for ID (all the more of a feat when you consider the fact that I'm from Utah). My parents would've been so mad if they knew, but they didn't, at least not until much later. I then bought a VHS copy from Blockbuster when it came out on home video, and found a real copy of the first film on VHS at a pawn shop.

      And thats how I became a Highlander fan.


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        In grad school I fell in with the geek crowd. We did movie night and it included Highlander and a first time viewing of H2 for us all, which we then all agreed had never happened and did not really exist. H1 was a stand alone. I live by that philosophy even today.