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The Kurgan vs. The Mountain.

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  • The Kurgan vs. The Mountain.

    Okay guys, time to have some fun. I’m going to pit The Kurgan from “Highlander 1” against The Mountain from the “Game Of Thrones” TV series, and you are all going to tell me who you think would win.

    Now, there’s going to be two parts to this fight. First, TK has to face The Mountain as he was when he was still a living man. Second, TK has to face The Mountain after he was turned into the undead thing that he was at the end of the series.

    So, what does everyone have to say? Let’s fight!

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    The Kurgan. He was supposed to be an incredible fighter. The Mountain, unaware that beheading is required, might get lucky and kill him once. It wouldn't happen twice, and the Kurgan would be annoyed!


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      Bare in mind, I believe it’s been said that The Mountain was one of the best swordsmen in Westeros. He may not have had a tactical brain in his head ( so said Rob Stark), but he knew plenty about fighting.

      Also, The Mountain doesn’t necessarily need to know about Immortals and beheading to end up taking The Kurgan’s head off. The man cut horses in half on a couple of occasions. It’s not unusual to leave a fight with him in a variety of pieces, which would be inconvenient for even The Kurgan.

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    I guess it depends when the fight takes place. Is the Kurgan young, or a thousand years old?
    Highlander: Dark Places


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      Hm, I hadn’t considered that. I guess I was thinking of The Kurgan as he was presented in the first Highlander movie, specifically the way he looks during the battle between the Macleods and the Frazier’s (urg, I probably misspelled that).


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        Interesting match-up.

        Human Kurgan vs. The Mountain:

        I am going to assume The Mountain as portrayed by the last actor (that actor was at one time the winner of the world's strongest man contest and about 6 ft 9 in tall). I think The Kurgan was supposed to be about 7 feet tall. The Mountain in GOT I will assume was in his 30's and had been fighting and killing since he was a teen. I will assume The Kurgan lost his "human" life in his twenties - physical prime, but not that experienced a fighter. So, considering all that, I will say that The Mountain will easily slay Human Kurgan.

        Immortal Kurgan vs. The Mountain:

        Now, Immortal Kurgan was thousands of years old when he took Connor's "human" life (as envisioned by Darth above), thus, an extremely experience fighter. I think that The Mountain could inflict some terrible wounds on Immortal Kurgan, however, Kurgan will heal almostly immediately while inflicting nasty damage in return on The Mountain. The Kurgan might even toy with The Mountain, as Prince Oberyn did in his ill fated trial by combat on behalf of Tyrion. Anyway, be it quick or slow, I think Immortal Kurgan will easily slay The Mountain in this case.
        Last edited by Cyrus The Great; 08-19-2023, 12:52 PM. Reason: Oops, The Mountain actor is actually 6 ft 9 in. Still, he looked much taller when he picked up Cersei after her Walk of Shame.


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          Bear in mind folks, the second part of this contest is The Kurgan vs. The Mountain as he was at the end of the TV series, after he was turned into some kind of undead thing.


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            I seem to have misunderstood the original premises. As you put it Darth, the two scenarios seem to me to pose no challenge to The Kurgan at all. The Kurgan will easily win both contests, however, he will probably slay zombie Mountain much more quickly, assuming that he goes right for the kill.