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Should Horton have been a pre-Immortal?

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  • Should Horton have been a pre-Immortal?

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    I know for a lot of us it seemed like that's what was being set up when he came "back" near the end of the series. But would that have been so bad, really? I tend to think it would have been a really cool move. There'd be odd things, like, "Why didn't Duncan recognize him as a pre-Immortal?" and all, but even that was never really made into a science at any point in the show.

    I think it really would have added a strong sense of irony. Moreso if he became somewhat redeemed, in training with another "good" Immortal. Because what a brain. He even watched the Kurgan.
    Yes, he should've
    No, he shouldn't have
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    I don't think he "should" have been, but it would have been ironic, as you say. In the realm of a remake, they might do such a thing. At the same time, I think it would be good to have careful seeding. Such as his daughter being adopted, or that his marriage was quite rocky around about the time his wife became pregnant. Or a more sinister reason. Maybe it coming out in vague hints that he himself was an orphan or adopted. Something small and subtle. I do think they should stick with experienced Immortals recognizing pre-Immortals when in proximity. I think Wilusa had one of those in a couple of stories. I doubt Horton would handle discovering the truth as well as that character did, though. Perhaps he would tip so far over into madness as to delude himself into thinking God made him an Immortal. *shudders, thinking of the Methuselah Stone, I don't think that was a good idea, that it could make a mortal Immortal, unless it was very limited, or it could do so in a Tithonus-way! Oooh...*


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      The strength of the character was mostly in his evil mor(t)ality.
      They handled that right.
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        Nah, Nick is right.
        Although, maybe he was and he changed his name and opened a chain of fast food joints in Canada...?
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          I felt Horton was played perfectly as a misguided zealot.


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            I think had they played things a LITTLE differently... it would have been a pretty great and ironic finish for him.
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              MacLeod: "Guess what, Horton? And now that you've had a few seconds to know this, I'm taking your head."