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    Valoise Armstrong is putting together a memorial tribute video for Highlander Alumni and fans who have passed since 2009. Please post here to help compile a list for her. She is also trying to find the link to a list that was posted online a few years ago. If you know where the previous list can be found please let them know at the HLWW con site.

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    Jason Randall passed away.

    Not sure if he was active on the board or any of the fan pages though.
    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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      Is it appropriate to add the loss of Donald Paonessa?

      I followed him on Facebook. He was such an amazing and interesting man. He was also an artist. Ah, another loss!


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        Highlander: Dark Places


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          It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Peter S. Davis, producer of the HIGHLANDER feature films and television series.
          Without Peter Davis there would be no HIGHLANDER.
          Without Peter Davis, there would be no HIGHLANDER series.
          Without Peter Davis, there would be no HIGHLANDER merchandise.
          Peter was involved in every aspect of HIGHLANDER. It was his baby alongside producing partner Bill Panzer.
          Peter was a giant of a man; both in stature and charisma. He was also a man of mystery; often keeping a low profile underneath his purple-tinted shades. One would rationally assume Peter was a cold or aloof individual from afar. When you engaged him, however, you were instantly disarmed by a warm, gentle man. A man who sincerely felt praise when you told him how much you appreciated his work as a producer; or how you loved opening a box from Davis/Panzer filled with HIGHLANDER merchandise.
          Peter could be brief-and oftentimes bold-but you always knew you were talking to someone who cared in the moment about what they were doing and your involvement in his world.
          In his later years, Peter often reflected on his career in HIGHLANDER with much pride and great hindsight. He wished he had been more involved in the creative decisions of the franchise throughout the years and decided to take a more active role in the reimagining of HIGHLANDER currently in development with director Chad Stahelski. Chad is someone who always showed Peter great respect through HIGHLANDER’s long journey back to the silver screen and we have no doubt he’ll continue to honor Peter’s memory with this new film.
          Peter was also dreaming of giving the fans even more HIGHLANDER merchandise in the future; something we intend to follow through on moving forward.
          HIGHLANDER will continue. The franchise that Peter Davis and Bill Panzer brought to life is truly immortal. Their dreams for what it could be will come to fruition in their memories.
          Tonight, watch something from HIGHLANDER that you love. Watch a movie or your favorite episode of the series. When you arrive at the credit with Peter’s name on it, raise a glass to him tonight in tribute to all the joy and entertainment he brought you throughout the years.
          May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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            RIP Peter.


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              I'm worried because we have so many at delicate ages now.


              • Nicholas Ward
                Nicholas Ward commented
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                Don't worry, people die and there's nothing you can do about it.

                And in 100 years most of us will be forgotten anyway.

              • dubiousbystander
                dubiousbystander commented
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                Ain't that the truth. I'll probably be in the memory of many elderly Japanese people who I taught as children.