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    Hello everyone! I've been collecting all the Highlander DVD/Bluray releases from North America and was wondering if anyone had a complete list, with pictures? If the cover is different or has different packaging I'll try to grab it. The only thing I haven't gone all out on is the TV series due to the extreme cost of the different sets.

    With that said there is a new ebay listing for a box set I haven't see anywhere and was hoping someone could shed some light on. Link below. Thanks!
    Highlander 5 film movie collection box dvd set endgame source immortal & MORE | DVDs & Movies, DVDs & Blu-ray Discs | eBay!

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    New to me. It's interesting, because while it IS a five film movie collection, for some strange reason it seems not to include Highlander II. It has two versions of the first movie.
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      I'm interested in it because of the box they're in. I have those DVDs already but would have bought it in a second if it wasn't $51.59 w/ $45.46 Shipping to Canada.


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        Hm. I don't know all Highlander products. Heck, I probably don't know half of them. I've never heard of a set like this. Box looks a bit battered. The seller has good feedback. I find her note a bit odd, making me think of the many e-mails I get that are phishing scams, but that doesn't mean she's one of those.


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          It also looks like the box wasn't really meant for the contents that's in it either as the sides are bulging a bit. You'd probably end up having to shake it vigorously to get either of the cases out of the box.


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            After looking at more closely I can see that the logo on the side of the box is a sticker as well. So the box itself could be homemade.


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              Yea that looks like someone made it and sealed it up themselves.
              Not a bad combo of a set if you still actually collect DVDs.
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