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  • Highlander Alumni in other roles

    Have you ever watched one of the Highlander Alumni in a different role and thought that it fit in with the chronicle for their immortal or watcher?

    Seeing Peter Wingfield and Valentine Pelka in Queen of Swords fit so well. Anthony De Longis and Elizabeth Gracen also fit into the early California time period for their characters.

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    I have recently been re-watching the MASH TV series, and consequently thought that, what with the four completely different characters the gentleman who played Kien Sun performed, there could be some hilarity in that being part of his history!


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      Today I started to rewatch the 1989 Warlock movie. Julian Sands, I liked watching him. However, as this is the first time I've watched it in years, the Highlander alumna is Mary Woronov, who place Rita Luce in They Also Serve. I'm 18 minutes in. Her character is not long for that world, I think.


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        Mary was also in the movie A Chorus Line.

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        Oh that's cool!