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Happy Birthday to Peter Davis

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  • Happy Birthday to Peter Davis

    Just wishing a happy birthday to Highlander producer Peter Davis. A big thank you for helping create the franchise and for the merchandise store. May you be inspired in the next year to create a new merchandising outlet for the Highlander fans as well as for a new Highlander or immortal series in the coming year.

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    I will second this Happy Birthday.

    I have been re-watching Zena recently. I noticed that Peter Davis was credited for his involvement (some production capacity, I think) in some of the recently produced DVD's. Correct me if I am wrong, but I didn't think Peter was involved in the original production of Zena. So could you explain his involvement more recently?


    • Colleengael
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      Highlander Merchandise was sold for a time by a company called Legendary Heroes. That company also sold similar merchandise items for Hercules and Xena too. Perhaps Peter Davis was one of the people involved in that capacity.

    • Cyrus The Great
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      Thanks Colleen. I have a vague memory of Legendary Heroes from the old pre-crash Highlander Board. I was just surprised to see Peter with a connection to Zena.

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    Hear, hear!
    Highlander: Dark Places