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How does Duncan earn a living after Endgame?

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  • How does Duncan earn a living after Endgame?

    Does he farm the dojo off to someone else to run? Where does his money come from? The antique place had been shuttered for years even at that point.
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    Yes ... It is "a mystery" ... The thing that immortals have lots of money is annoying ... In my vision, they could live like Richie for example, without LOTS of money and working by themselves to be part of normal beings ... Maybe Duncan goes to Europe again like we saw in "Source" ...
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      Oh, now there's a thought. Nice, Kladdagh! I think Duncan is quite wealthy. Every indication is that he knows how to manage his money, he collects things that he can sell for far more than he spent (assuming he spent anything, and it isn't just something he collected and stored).


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        Does he need to earn a living at that point?
        He was able to pay a million dollar for a bracelet, just to toss it in some dirt.

        He most likely has multiple properties around the globe and probably some trust funds set up for himself.
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          They had an entire scene in a flashback with him collecting money he'd left with a bank decades before.