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Training classes and exhibitions with cast members

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  • Training classes and exhibitions with cast members

    How many of us have attended a training class or exhibition with one of the cast? I have attended two of Elizabeth's Fan Classes. A Sword Experience in Chicago with Nancy and Dustin Falconer, an acting class with Stan and watched multiple sword exhibitions from F.Braun, Anthony Delongis, Adrian, Peter and Bruce Young. I have also attended multiple concerts with Jim Byrnes and James Horan. I even watched my niece join in a Dungeonmaster improv performance with Bruce Young. She was six at the time. What classes or exhibitions have you gone to? Or plan to attend?

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    Wow ... Impressive ...
    I'm not so lucky as you ... But I was just on the set with the cast in Paris during several years time to time ...
    I would love to do a Sword XP but it is too far from my home ... and I don't live in the US ... so ...
    I listen albums from Jim Byrnes and follow activities from F.Braun, Anthony Delongis and Adrian Paul on social medias ...
    That's all for me ...
    La Peur Tue l'Esprit ...


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      Elizabeth Gracen has a blog site at Flapperpress. You can find the link in the fandom forum here where I mentioned her birthday. Fans are encouraged to write short stories or poems and submit them to be posted on the blog site. This month's theme is Summer. Give it a try. Elizabeth always tries to add the right photo or artwork to illustrate the pieces that are submitted. Several fans have shared their work with the site.

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    I was only able to go to one Sword Experience, and one Fan Class with Elizabeth. I did get to spend some time with Anthony De Longis and Mary before Highlander WorldWide 10!