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How long would a sword last *really*?

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  • How long would a sword last *really*?

    I mean in terms of carrying the same sword through the centuries, getting into bunches of sword fights. How long would, say, an actual katana hold up?

    I feel like even the finest crafted katanas only last for a couple of swordfights in Japan's history before they either break or are dangerously damaged, no?
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    There are actual katana hundreds of years old. How many times they were used in combat? I have no clue. Edge to edge strikes would yield tremendous pressures and I have to believe they would do significant damage. Perhaps they rotated the blade when blocking or parrying to be less damaging to such a valuable weapon. I can't imagine they disposed of blades as if they were razor blades.

    Connor's may have had healing properties. Brenda took a chunk half the size of a fingernail out of that concrete column, but there was no apparent damage.


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      I's a kind of magic! I don't think Ramirez Masamune katana would have lasted from 596 BC to Connor's fight against the Kurgan, he must have repaired it countless of times as he did in Highlander III!


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        Just keeping it sharp would destroy it. I have one of my grandmother's knives that's about half it's original width, and that's less than a century.


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          A good sword probably lasts a couple of decades with active use. They're probably prone to Theseus's paradox.

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            The swords are semi-Immortal by proximity and regenerate!

          • Nicholas Ward
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            Self-healing swords!

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          I would probaably get a new on once there were too many nicks in the blade.


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            Originally posted by Saber Dog View Post
            Brenda took a chunk half the size of a fingernail out of that concrete column, but there was no apparent damage.
            That always bugged me. Like, damn... that came off the sword?
            Highlander: Dark Places


            • Freebooter
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              Me too. If a chunk that big broke off my blade I would get a new sword, thinking that big chip weakened my blade where it mighty break or something

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            That is a really good question ... =O
            If you take care carefully of your sword, it could serve you well your lifetime ... and beyond
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              I've seen a cut down katana. It came to the US after WWII as a broken souvenir and the owner sharpened it and used it as a yard knife. I really wanted to take off the handle to see if it had kanji.
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