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A few of mine.

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  • A few of mine.

    Here are my favorites, from my ever dwindling collection.

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    So cool! Would you share the story of how you got them? Love to read it!


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      Sure. At one point I had about twenty swords. Most of them wall hangers and flea market specials. When I found out that I had a baby on the way, I made a deal with my girlfriend that I would sell them all for safety, then use the money to by some really nice ones that I could keep secure and away from the little one.

      My first attempt was an H3 through ziest armories. Not my best decision. After that debacle, I found Daryl on these boards and he made this Highlander geeks dreams come true.

      The first pic is a UC Duncan katana, that I had tried to make look more like the Musashi. (I failed miserably) the mentor, and another version of Connor's masamune, from TSP&R.

      After my daughter got older and she proved to me that she knew daddy's sword rules, I contacted daryl and got the Musashi, which is in the second pic.

      The H2 katana is my favorite. The hilt is thinner, so with me not having the biggest hands, is a perfect fit. I totally, didn't go for screen accuracy on it, since the tsuba isn't the worn down version, and the blade has a fuller. But, I think that makes it unique and makes me love it even more.



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        That is fantastic. I really appreciate your swords, and how you have them (and why you don't have more). Congratulations on being a good father!


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          Thank you. I appreciate the kind words.