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  • Favorite Blade and Why?

    What is your favorite blade used in Highlander and why do you love it so much?

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    I would have liked one of them to carry an ulfberht.

    The important thing is that the sword fit the character's personality and style and they did that well.

    Methos' sword didn't make a lot of sense to me. It would be too new to be an old favorite, it's designed to penetrate armor which is impractical in modern times, and it isn't new. I figured Methos would be constantly updating his sword of choice to fit the times. So why would he carry an Ivanhoe?


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      I can't remember if it was Braun or Peter who said that they wished Methos could show up at a duel with a golf bag filled with swords. Then after seeing his opponent's weapon he could just pull out the perfect weapon for combat.

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    Tie Kurgan's sword has been my favorite since I saw the movie preview for the first time on Siskel and Ebert. Always preferred Medieval style swords and that thing was one on steroids. The snap together version was so cool. After watching this scene I had to have one. It would be decades before one was to be had.



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      I love the US Civil War cavalry sabre, used in
      S2Ep14/15: "Unholy Alliance, Part 1 & 2": Used by the Immie killed in the parking garage by Xavier St'Cloud.
      S3Ep2: "Line of Fire": Used by Kearn.
      S4Ep2: "Brothers In Arms": Used by Andrew Cord.
      S4Ep13: "Something Wicked": Used by Coltec.
      S5Ep9: "The Messenger": Used by William Culbraith:

      I am a Civill War buff, my ancestors fought in tht war on both sides, a couple of them were cavalrymen. I have always loved the cav sabre. But when I see it used by someon on highlander I get excited. PlusI like the hand protection. The guard can be weapon in itself. I think sabres are elegant and beautiful.
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        Katanas because they are sleek, well balanced and sharp as f......oops....super sharp. They are made with two kinds of carbon steel (High for sharpness and low for durability).


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          Katana, enough said.
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            Another vote for the japaneses swords ... katana for me either
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              Lady CJ, I agree. Katana would be my 2nd choice.


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                One I've Been Looking Ages For, Was Kit O'Brady's Cane Sword. Never Been Able To Find It Though.


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                  Try asking F. Braun McAsh. He will know.

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                Richie's rapier. Nice and fast... and it was the sword he had when Mikey ate it.


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                  I am partial to the broad sword Damon Case uses in The Immortal Cimoli. I have one very similar. When I travel, it rides behind me.

                  And yeah, the axe rides with me as well.
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                    I'm definitely a Katana guy. Although it's interesting.... In the novel for the first highlander, the writer calls the blade a wakizashi. This always made a certain kind of sense to me despite the evidence on film that the blade was a katana. The main reason being that a wakizashi is a much easier weapon to conceal under a coat than a full length Katana would be.