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My Highlander/Sword Experience Collection!

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  • My Highlander/Sword Experience Collection!

    My Highlander/Sword Experience collection, top to bottom:

    “Oniyuri Shadow” hybrid katana built with a Sal D’Aquila Shadow Kevlar/Carbon Fiber tsuka and a Cheness Oniyuri practice blade. This was my first build and although it isn’t strictly Highlander, it’s in the neighborhood.

    Lightweight practice katana with a one off hybrid season 1/2-6 Kevlar/Carbon Fiber tsuka by Daryl Kyle and a Handmade Swords aluminum blade. This sword is my third build and my One Perfect Thing.

    Marto Sword of the Dragon katana. This sword was a fifty dollar pawn shop beater that had seen better days. I repaired it, recarved parts of the handle, cut the collar off and tightened everything up. The cheap aluminum saya had a piece of hard wire inside that left a ton of scratches in the blade and after spending several hours polishing them out by hand I swore to never have the two in the same room again.

    The rest of my collection is either signed or dedicated by Adrian Paul. I have a knack for being in the right place at the right time and my sword hobby is no exception.

    Lightweight practice katana with Marto SOTD Kevlar/Carbon Fiber replica tsuka by Daryl Kyle and Handmade Swords aluminum blade. This was my second build.

    Standard Sword Experience bokken. I was issued this piece for the 2017 Salt Lake City SXP.

    Deluxe Sword Experience bokken. This is production weapon #12 and has been used extensively for solo drills. I've also modded it for use with interchangeable blades. The one it's wearing in the picture is red oak.

    Classic White Oak Sword Experience bokken with Kevlar/Carbon Fiber traditional style tsuka and SXP tsuba. Adrian actually owned this weapon and used it hard judging from the dents. He also refinished the blade with a deep high quality stain that shows up well in the pictures. I bought it from him for a crazy reasonable price and despite its good looks and provenance I may yet use it in my next Sword Experience as it is built hell for stout.

    Note: I did have one more, a low numbered Sal D'Aquila Musashi that I sold in a moment of temporary insanity. Seldom have I regretted an action of mine so much.
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    Hi ...
    You have and impressive collection of swords and bokken ... Congratulations ...
    See you on the pages ...
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    La Peur Tue l'Esprit ...


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        i saw your youtube video on how you made both the shoto and your aluminum sword. is the marto SOTD handle capable of being fitted with a live blade in a similar manner? thanks.