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Ritually stealing a Quickening?

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  • Ritually stealing a Quickening?

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    Would an immortal be able to steal anothers Quickening through the ritual transfer?

    As we've seen, the immortal who gives up his/her Quickening infuses their sword with it, and then allows the receiver (which is Quentin in the animated series) to grab hold of it, and possibly infuse it (partially?) too. When the immortal releases the sword, the Quickening flows into the now connected receiver (Quentin) and it subsequently destroys the sword.

    But what if the intended receiver was forced away from the sword first? Would the first immortal have gotten the Quickening, effectively stealing it?
    If so, with the Jettators being as fickle with the oath as they already were, wouldn't that be a huge jeopardy to the success of the undertaking?

    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...