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Kortan was right not to join the jettators

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  • Kortan was right not to join the jettators

    Kortan challenged the oath of the jettators rightfully because the presence of a ruling group of immortals would not benefit humanity at all. The jettators limited development and set back the humans deliberately in order to stay in power. Kortan developed technology, a thriving city, scientific community and functioning army in spite of having several guerrilla factions opposing him. Every other jettator is just a leader of a clan or a 'mystic', clearly withholding information from the locals in order to limit development and stay in power.

    Rebel Ramirez tries, by use of Quentin, to combine the knowledge of the remaining factions to challenge or gain control of the success formula of Kortan. Therefore Jettators are terrorists using naive subjects to further their own agenda and do not have the skills or knowledge to advance civilisation.

    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...

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    Nothing about that scenario makes the Jettators terrorists.

    Idealistically ignorant with manipulative, potentially cult like, leadership qualities, sure, but not terroristic. Kortan, for all his willingness to share knowledge and advance society, would more closely fall under the definition of a terrorist, given how he treats those not under his rule. The Jettators do what they do through misguided ideals of peace, trying to prevent mankind from becoming as bad as they've seen them be throughout history. Kortan is a fascist dictator who just wants everyone to do as he says, and is more than happy to kill anyone who stands against him.

    Kortan may have been right to not withhold technology from his people, and the Jettators wrong for withholding such from theirs, but that doesn't make Kortan a good guy, nor does it make the Jettators anything akin to terrorists.

    Your premise is sound, but your conclusion is ludicrous.


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      Terrorism is in the eye of the beholder. Were the rebels heroes or terrorists to the empire? What was the resistance in the eyes of the Nazi's?

      Kortan could befall the title of dictator, but not terrorist. Besides, it was never stated he forced his leadership upon anyone. For all we know he might have been elected.
      What does that make the jettators? They are heads of small fractions opposing the current ruler, withholding knowledge which would benefit society.

      If they'd hold true to their oath and intended to guide mankind they are at fault for withholding the very things mankind could learn and benefit from.

      May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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        Kortan very clearly forced his leadership upon everyone, as could be seen in almost every 'evil lair' sequence, and he made it known that he wanted anyone who even thought about questioning his rule annihilated. He had absolute power within his society, and wanted everyone to be brought under his rule. Those who rejected him were literally terrorized, tormented, and even killed until they submitted to him, These are all things said and shown in the show, itself. You've got to remember, this was a very straightforward early morning cartoon for kids, it wasn't a morally ambiguous kind of show.


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          Wasn't there something about his having erased people's knowledge?