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Amanda's Hair Color

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  • Amanda's Hair Color

    I know the "Raven" concept was supposed to be based on ravens' being "thieves" (though I've forgotten what they steal). But I've always thought it would have worked better if Amanda had raven-black hair. It's not as if Elizabeth Gracen was a natural blonde, who never changed her hair color! She was just obstinate, unwilling to go back to being a brunette at this point.

    Yes, the contrast with her light hair and Paul Johansson's dark hair looks great on the cover of the DVDs. But I don't think anyone was looking for "contrast" in the actual episodes.

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    I liked the contrast with her otherwise darker clothing style.
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      I've always been a fan of Elizabeth as Amanda with longish black hair. But that's just a personal preference.
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        I found it amusing that the interviews with the various concerned were always apologising for the series before I ever got into it! In fact a lot of the later episodes set in Paris were quite good even if the mystery of the regular supporting characters disappearing was never solved to my liking!


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          I'm given to understand that she started dying her hair because the grays were coming in. Or the whites.