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  • Name of that North American City

    I hated the ridiculous name "Seacouver" that came to be used, in HL:TS, for what was really Vancouver, Canada. That one, voted on by some fans, came to be officially accepted. It was bad enough in itself; but then it "inspired" fans of Raven to try to come up with a name for Toronto using the same method. So we wound up with some fans calling it "Chironto" or - possibly even worse - "Torago."

    I assume there were legal, contractual reasons for having to pretend these cities were in the U.S. But personally, I hate the idea of just taking parts of the names of different cities and squashing them together. If that had to be done, I'd prefer pretending it was nearer Rochester and calling it "Torchester."

    But I went a different route in my fan fiction ...and later made an amusing discovery.

    Since Amanda was using the surname "Montrose" in Raven, I decided to call the city "Rosemont" - the idea being that she was thumbing her nose at the police by using such an obvious alias.

    Later? I learned Chicago actually has a suburb named Rosemont! So the show's writers may have had the same idea I did about her choice of alias, even if only residents of that area would have realized it!

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    It's funny because even shows set in some Canadian cities, like Ontario, are actually filmed elsewhere like Toronto.

    I don't think the series ever called it Seacouver. I know at one point someone released a prop of Duncan Macleod's driver's license and that used Seacouver, Washington as his address, so your mileage may vary.

    The biggest goof on Highlander: The Raven was when Nick goes to the baseball field, which is presumably meant to be Wrigley Field, having a Canadian Flag displayed pretty prominently.