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  • VEI The Raven release

    Much like the original series VEI has released Highlander the Raven on DVD. The Anchor Bay release was a 9 disc set with each disc having three episodes each on it. Disc 9 was extras with no episodes, and disc 8 had one episode with extras as well.

    The VEI release is a 3 disc set with disc 1 having 8 episodes, and disc 2 and 3 each having 7 episodes. I've attached an image showing each of the DVDs for comparisons.
    The top image is the Anchor Bay release and bottom is VEI. There is no image loss like the VEI release of the original series due to cropping, rather the black box around the image is now gone.

    Biggest thing to note for myself is the fact I ordered The Raven from for $14.99 CND ( but was sent the second release of the original series, which I already own, by VEI ( which cost $49.99 CND. The difference from the first release being they added The Raven to the box set and slapped a sticker on the slipcover under the shrink wrap.

    I've reordered The Raven hoping to get the correct box set, but I may just get another original series for $14.99 CND which I will gift to some one.

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    Oh, that is nice to know!


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      The DVD boxset was the first Highlander series I owned. Apropos since it was The Raven was my introduction to Highlander.