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  • The New Watcher Chronicles: What they say

    I'd love to have the first The Watcher Chronicles, to compare, but I don't. To me, the program was very well set up, but there were some tricky points to navigating it. Sometimes cross-linking could get me lost. I'm having fun going through it, of course. It is a LOT to go through. These chronicles didn't have good graphics, so when they were migrated to the episode discs, they were better to look at, but also I think we lost some of the data. Help getting good pictures would be most appreciated. Now, let me see what I can do, if I'm doing in on the board. I'll begin here with two things.

    On behalf of your fellow Watchers around the world and throughout history, I welcome you to the Watcher Chronicles. As a new Watcher trainee, you are about to embark on a lifetime dedicated to the truth. This program, created in cooperation with the Watcher Training Academy in Geneva, is designed to help you learn more about who we watch, and why we watch, as you begin to take your first steps toward your final vow.
    Joe Dawson, voiced by Jim Byrnes.

    "For untold millennia, the Immortals have lived among us. Some good, some evil. They must face each other in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, for that is the only way an Immortal can die, and receives his enemy's power; his Quickening. Holy Ground is their only refuge from this age-old struggle they call 'The Game.' Some believe the prize for winning is domination of our mortal world, but no one knows for sure. So we watch and chronicle their lives and their deaths. For in the end, there can be only one."

    The following is an excerpt from The Watchers Guidebook, pages 22-23:
    What the Watchers know about Immortality and The Game is based upon thousands of years of observation and Chronicling. While we may never know all the Rules of the Game, here is what we know or can conjecture.
    Where do Immortals come from?
    We do not know where Immortals come from or what determines who is Immortal. What we do know is:
    * Immortals carry the seed of their immortality within them through their mortal life.
    * Immortals don't discover their immortality or manifest any symptoms of it, like their rapid healing ability, until after their First Death.
    * There is nothing one Immortal can do to confer Immortality to a mortal, no matter how badly they want to.
    * We have no recorded evidence of any Immortal having natural parents. Therefore, we conjecture that they are all foundlings.
    * At the time of their First Death, Immortals cease aging. If an immortal is 35 at the time of his First Death, he will appear to be 35 forever. Likewise, if an Immortal is 10 or 70 at the time of First Death, he will appear 10 or 70 forever.
    * It appears that, under certain circumstances, it is possible for an Immortal to recognize a latent Immortal who has not yet experienced their First Death.
    What are Immortals like?
    Like mortals, Immortals come in all shapes and sizes, good and evil. But they do have a number of traits in common.
    * Immortals can only be killed by beheading.
    * Immortals are not superhuman. They do not possess super strength, hearing, vision, or similar superhero abilities.
    * They get hungry, thirsty, and tired just like mortals. They need sleep and they feel pain.
    * They can catch colds -- they just can't die from them.
    * They appear to die, at least temporarily, from any injury that would kill a human.
    * They do, however, have remarkable healing ability.
    * Immortals can sense one another's presence. However, apparently they can't differentiate one Immortal from another this way.
    * Immortals are apparently sterile. There is no record of an Immortal male or female conceiving a child, either before their First Death or after.
    * Seasoned Immortals often become mentors to new Immortals. Through this mentoring relationship, new Immortals usually learn how to fight and the Rules of The Game.
    What are the Rules of Immortal combat?
    Immortal combat is governed by seemingly unbreakable rules:
    * There is no fighting on Holy Ground. This rule seems to be immutable. It also appears to apply to harming mortals. Although we don't know the exact definition of Holy Ground, it seems to include religious structures like churches or temples as well as sacred places like Indian burial grounds. The only fight engaged on Holy Ground reported in the Chronicles took place in Pompeii in 79AD, and it is possible this flagrant disregard for the Holy Ground rule may have been punished by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which destroyed the city.
    * No two on one. Even the vilest immortals who've been instructed in The Game will not engage battle in a team. NOTE: There have been a few rare instances of untrained Immortals attacking in numbers, so this rule seems more a rule of honor than an immutable law of nature.
    * No interference once battle Is joined. While Immortals have been known to interfere or even take over a challenge before combat is engaged or after combat has ended, no Immortal can directly interfere in a combat already in progress. See NOTE, above.
    What is the Quickening?
    Here's all we know about Quickenings.
    * The victor of an Immortal battle receives their opponent's power through a mystical process known as The Quickening.
    * It is unclear to the watchers what exactly transfers during a Quickening. Some conjecture it is strength or knowledge or life experience, but quite frankly, we just don't know.
    * Witnessing a Quickening is similar to watching a major electrical storm -- windows explode, lights short circuit. It is almost as if the victorious Immortal is in the center of a lightning storm. For your safety, the Watchers recommend witnessing a Quickening from no closer than 50 yards.
    * It is not possible for a mortal Watcher to become Immortal by witnessing a Quickening. There is also no danger to unborn children should the mother witness a Quickening.
    * If a mortal beheads an Immortal with no other Immortal present, the Immortal will die but there is no observable Quickening. As far as the Watchers know, that Immortal's power is lost forever. It is presumed that if an Immortal is beheaded by a mortal and another Immortal is present, then a Quickening will occur and go to the nearest Immortal. The Watchers do not know if there are range limitations to this effect.
    * When Immortals are beheaded by inanimate objects -- guillotines, boat propellers, locomotives, or in some type of accident -- the Quickening appears to go to the nearest Immortal. The Watchers do not know if there are range limitations to this effect. If there is no Immortal present during such an event, then the Quickening is lost.
    * An immortal cannot refuse a Quickening, even if that Immortal doesn't wish to receive it for any reason.
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    I ended up with twenty-three fields just in the Immortals' section itself. So, Marcus Aedelies' chronicle links only to the description of To Be. That links back to the Chronicles about it, and to the Immortal sections on the characters involved. Wandering about gets you to Titus Marconus, whose Watcher apparently spun a web of lies for the truth was unbearable. Marconus' chronicle links to a known quantity, at least, in that Marcus Constantine was his teacher.
    Immortal #
    Known Aliases
    Unique Characteristics
    Most Recent Base of Operations
    Roster of Immortals Status
    Original Cultural Affiliation
    First Death
    1st Death Age
    First Teacher
    Episode Titles

    Immortal # 1 of 170
    Name Aedelies, Marcus
    Known Aliases
    Unique Characteristics
    Most Recent Base of Operations Rome
    Occupation Tax Collector
    Roster of Immortals Status Deceased
    Date 13 April 176
    Place Rome
    Victor Athanasius
    Watcher Octavius Sagitta
    Born 168 BC; Bythinia
    Original Cultural Affiliation Roman
    First Death 131 BC
    1st Death Age 37
    Circumstance Trampled in a crowd
    First Teacher Cornelianus
    Chronicle When one sets out to eulogize a great General, one speaks with words of battles and glory and courage. When one eulogizes a great Stateman, one speaks with words of honor and dignity and leadership. When one sets out to eulogize Marcus Aedilies, one may use none of those words. In battle, he was a coward and weakling. In commerce, greedy and dishonest. In matters of State, fawning and supercilious. And in love, of limited fidelity and even more limited prowess, or so I've been told. When the Empire loses a great General, it loses a part of its heart. When a great Statesman is lost, it loses a part of its soul. But when one such as Aedilies is lost, it is as if an ugly blemish has fallen from the face of the Empire, leaving a much more pleasing façade beneath.
    Octavius Sagitta
    In the 16th Year of the reign of
    Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius
    Episodes 118
    Episode Titles To Be

    So, this Immortal is first because of alphabetical order. We get a sort of circle here, though. Why is Aedelies mentioned? Because:
    Immortal # 118 of 170
    Name Marconus, Titus
    Known Aliases
    Unique Characteristics
    Most Recent Base of Operations Rome
    Occupation Senator
    Roster of Immortals Status Deceased
    Date 74 BC
    Place Rome
    Victor Marcus Aedilies
    Watcher Julia Lavinius
    Born 151 BC; Capua
    Original Cultural Affiliation Roman
    First Death 178 BC
    1st Death Age 27
    Circumstance Drowned while swimming
    First Teacher Marcus Constantine
    Chronicle Day broke clear and fair, the ground hard and dry, as Marconus went to meet his challenger at the gates of the Forum. The cock had barely crowed and the plaza was deserted. Across the Forum, he saw the challenger, Gaicus, sword raised, eager for the battle. Cautiously, they met in the center of the plaza. Marconus made the first strike, drawing first blood, but that was to be the only honor for Marconus that day. Brave though he was, he was no match for the superior skills of the greatest swordsman Rome had ever known. He had gone into the battle knowing it could only end this way, but Marconus would not be known as one who backed away from a challenge. He would rather go to his death an honorable citizen of Rome than live a coward's life.

    Julia Lavinius

    [Addendum 11/8/98: Additional evidence has come to light that seems to indicate that this Chronicle may not be entirely accurate. Research is currently looking into the matter and, if necessary, a full report will be appended to this entry as soon as the investigation is complete.]
    Episodes 118
    Episode Titles To Be
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      Manipulating this seems a little hard. I'll go to Immortal 2 in the chronicles.
      Immortal # 002 of 170
      Name Amanda
      Known Aliases Amanda Darrieux, Amanda LeFauve, Amanda Rochelle, Amanda Montrose, Amanda DuPar
      Unique Characteristics
      Most Recent Base of Operations Paris, France
      Occupation Cat-burglar
      Roster of Immortals Status Active
      Watcher Adam Myman
      Born ca. 820; St. Anne
      Original Cultural Affiliation Emphatically not French
      First Death 850
      1st Death Age 30
      Circumstance Killed for robbing a plague-infected house
      First Teacher Rebecca Horne
      Chronicle A lot of words have been used over the centuries to describe Amanda--vamp, temptress, siren, coquette, femme fatale, plus a bunch of other words you can't use in mixed company--but they all add up to "trouble". Born a pauper forced to steal to survive, she's turned the act of theft into her own sophisticated art form. For Amanda, stealing has evolved from an act of survival to almost an act of sensuality. Men are drawn like moths to her exquisite flame, knowing she's dangerous but unable to resist. She's not "evil" by any means, she's just developed her own, slightly skewed perhaps, morality and code of ethics. While there have been some stabilizing influences in her life--like her mentor Rebecca Horne and her on-again, off-again lover Duncan MacLeod--for the most part Amanda has had to survive on her own, using whatever weapons she could muster and there's no denying she's got some pretty formidable weapons.
      Martin Matthews
      Quote "Duncan! (breath) You are the best man I know! You make people better! You know, people like me! People who, who didn't give a damn about anything in their whole lives until you came along with your big brown eyes and your... boyscout rules! You... what are you just gonna throw this away because you made one damn mistake?!"
      "No! If you're going to let Steven Keane kill you over this crap, then you are on your own!"
      Chronicles 850.1, 850.2, 853.1, 853.2, 1182, 1183, 1635, 1753, 1804, 1888, 1926.1, 1926.2, 1936, 1950
      Actor Elizabeth Gracen
      Episodes 18, 29, 41, 48, 49, 65, 66, 71, 72,73, 82, 83, 93, 94, 103, 104, 118, 119, 128
      Episode Titles The Lady & The Tiger, The Return of Amanda, Legacy, The Cross of St. Antoine, Rite of Passage, Finale I, Finale II, Double Eagle, Reunion, The Colonel, Methuselah's Gift, The Immortal Cimoli, Dramatic License, Money No Object, The Stone of Scone, Forgive Us Our Trespasses, To Be, Not To Be, White Silence
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        I ended up with eleven fields for Chronicles.
        Chronicles 001 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location Abbey of St. Anne/Nearby town
        Date 850.1
        Occupation Thieving Pauper
        Chronicler Melucine
        Assignment Lady Rebecca Horne
        Quote "Books are for monks and women don't fight with swords."
        Episode # 41
        Episode Title Legacy
        Description Our blessed Lady Rebecca returned from town, where she has been ministering to the sick and the dying of the vile plague devastating the countryside, with a new pupil. I've seen this one, who they call Amanda, before in my dealings in town, but had no notion she was one like Lady Rebecca. She is a little street beggar who regularly steals from the merchants in the marketplace and anyone else who might have a bit of gold or a bite of cheese. I've heard she met her first death as punishment for stealing bread from a home poisoned by the pestilence, normally a fitting end for a thieving little street rat. But Lady Rebecca, in her wisdom and good Christian charity, has taken her in. The Lord willing, perhaps she can put Amanda on a good and honest path. In the meantime, she would be wise to lock up the gold plate.

        Chronicles 002 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location Abbey of St. Anne
        Date 850.2
        Occupation Student
        Chronicler Melucine
        Assignment Lady Rebecca Horne
        Quote "It looks like something a king would wear!"
        Episode # 82
        Episode Title Methuselah's Gift
        Description As I feared, the street trash was not in the sanctuary of Lady Rebecca's home a fortnight before sneaking out in the dead of night with milady's crystal. I had seen her sniffing around it all day like a dog forbidden to touch his master's dinner and 'twas not difficult to guess what she would do once the fires were low and the household abed. Lady Rebecca stopped her before she could reach the door and challenged her. At last, I thought, milady will take her head or at very least throw the garbage back into the street where she found her. But, 'twas not to be. In a supreme act of Christian charity, Lady Rebecca forgave her and urged her to stay and complete her studies. I was very much ashamed, for whilst I know in my heart it was the right and proper thing to do, I never could have done it. The woman is a saint! But mark my words, her tender-hearted nature shall be her undoing someday.

        Chronicles 003 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location Abbey of St. Anne
        Date 853.1
        Occupation Student
        Chronicler Melucine
        Assignment Lady Rebecca Horne
        Quote "No! There's more to learn I'm not ready."
        Episode # 41
        Episode Title Legacy
        Description As the fledgling Immortal Amanda prepares to leave her teacher, Lady Rebecca, for the first time, I have been assigned the task of Watching her. My own preparations are completed -- I have newly rimmed the wheels of my cart, freshly shod the horses, and am in receipt of a cage of carrier pigeons from the Regional Overseer for the transport of messages. It is time for the Chronicle of Amanda to begin.
        Whitread the Tinker

        Chronicles 004 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location Abbey of St. Anne
        Date 853.2
        Occupation Traveler
        Chronicler Whitread
        Assignment Amanda
        Quote "But I thought, I thought you said Holy Ground is our refuge!"
        Episode # 82
        Episode Title Methuselah's Gift
        Description The Chronicle of Amanda nearly closed before it was begun. As she traveled toward the sea, one of her kind, a hulking Saxon warrior I have since been told was known as Hengist, came upon her and issued his challenge. In response to her first challenge, Amanda turned tail and fled. Hengist pursued her. For three days and nights he pursued her until at least she returned to the sanctuary of St. Anne's and her teacher, Lady Rebecca. But Rebecca showed little sympathy for her frightened pupil and at last convinced Amanda she must face her fate. Amanda and the Saxon met in battle just beyond the gates of St. Anne's. The Saxon was confident in his ability to defeat a mere woman so frightened of him she would flee three days to holy ground to avoid confronting him. Great was his surprise when he discovered how well trained in the sword Amanda truly was. But none was more surprised than Amanda herself at how quickly she dispatched the overconfident brute and experienced the great mystery of the Quickening. With this taste of victory, I am certain Amanda will flee no longer.
        Whitread the Tinker

        Chronicles 005 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location Hastings, England
        Date 1182
        Occupation Highway Bandit
        Chronicler Elsbeth of Maldon
        Assignment Amanda
        Quote "I have lived three hundred years. Many have tried to kill me. Big people. Strong people! But I'm still here!"


        "By being quick, by using this! You're small, yes, but you are very clever; you'll find a way. We use the weapons we have."
        Episode # 72
        Episode Title Reunion
        Description A morning's walk from Hastings town, there was a sad sight to behold. A young Saxon boy, crying and bloody, standing silent guard over the bodies of his father, murdered by the Shire Reeve's men, and his mother, tortured and ravished by the Shire Reeve and then left to die. The boy, too, had been killed by the Normans, but had arisen, Immortal. Amanda took pity on the boy, called Kenneth, and has taken him for her own, endeavoring to teach him the things he must know to survive in the Immortal world. The boy rightly wonders, as do I, how he will survive, so small, so young. Amanda comforts him that he will find weapons and skills of his own.
        Elsbeth of Maldon, MCLXXXII

        Chronicles 006 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location Southern England
        Date 1183
        Occupation Highway Bandit
        Chronicler Elsbeth of Maldon
        Assignment Amanda
        Quote "Wages! I'm a baker."

        "And you sell a lot of bread."

        "I'm a very GOOD baker."
        Episode # 72
        Episode Title Reunion
        Description At dawn, she was taken by the Shire Reeve and his men and hung from a tree. No doubt he had wished to ill-use her as he had young Kenneth's mother before she was killed, but Amanda infuriated her captors so that they hung her immediately, sparing her. Fortunately, after she was dead, one of the Reeve's men cut her down against the Reeve's wishes; otherwise, how long might it have been before she could rescue herself? When she awoke, she called out for the boy, but there was no answer. She searched the area until it ws too dark to see, ever mindful to stay hidden from the Shire Reeve and his men still in the area, but there has been no sign of the boy, who ran away in fright when he saw Amanda taken. She is taking his loss quite hard and will, I know with great certainty, search for him until she finds him again.
        Elsbeth of Maldon, MCLXXXIII

        Chronicles 007 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location Verona, Italy
        Date 1635
        Occupation Independent Means
        Chronicler Gabriel Sabatini
        Assignment Amanda
        Quote "There is only one thing to do with a head like this."
        Episode # 41
        Episode Title Legacy
        Description Amanda and her tutor Rebecca Horne seem to be enjoying their sojourn in Verona. This day they have encountered another of their own kind, one Duncan MacLeod, just recently out of his native land judging by his truly dreadful accent. Amanda seemed to believe he was also just recently Immortal, calling him a "green boy." They delighted in bawdy teasing as it ws obvious he had never encountered ladies, especially Immortal ladies, such as these -- flamboyantly garbed as men and apparently read to take his head. Little did he realize that Amanda had lesser designs on his head than on his purse, which she generously traded him for a kiss. MacLeod, not so green perhaps as Amanda thought, discovered her trick and retrieved his purse. I have left the three of them drinking and carousing the night away at a local tavern, at MacLeod's expense. He may find himself with an empty purse yet.
        Gabriel Sabatini, Undicesimo diurno di Settembre 1635

        Chronicles 008 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location Constantinople
        Date 1753
        Occupation Courtesean in Sultan's Harem
        Chronicler Nabil al Alem
        Assignment Amanda
        Quote "Please, it was a mistake! Tell the Sultan I'm sorry and that I'll give him back his jewels!"
        Episode # 66
        Episode Title Finale II
        Description Amanda has already made quite a name for herself in the Sultan's household, much to the dismay of the other ladies in the women's quarters. The Sultan has taken to calling her his "little pale one" and often boasts of her "special" abilities, even in front of his wives. Amanda has quickly won her way into the Sultan's heart and his bed, and I'm sure it will merely be a matter of time before she wins her way into his treasury as well. She'd best take care -- the other ladies of the women's quarters would need little provocation to betray her.
        Nabil al Alem
        Palace of the Sultan

        Chronicles 009 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location Bavaria
        Date 1804
        Occupation Jewel Thief
        Chronicler Claus Sieger
        Assignment Amanda
        Quote "I've been waiting here, VERY impatiently."
        Episode # 18
        Episode Title The Lady & The Tiger
        Description Das Fraulein ist unglaublich! Having left the Baron Holstein's castle bearing a sack of jewels that Zachary Blaine stole from the Baron's treasury, she stopped to indulge in an evening of pleasure with Duncan MacLeod, knowing full well that Blaine was on his way to rendezvous with her at the very same inn. Then, as she took her leave of MacLeod's bed while he slept, she left the Baron's own signet ring on his bedside, thus cleverly framing him for the crime she and Blaine perpetrated. She even had the audacity to steal MacLeod's horse as she made her escape with Blaine, leaving MacLeod to face the wrath of the Baron's men.
        Claus Sieger, München

        Chronicles 010 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location San Francisco
        Date 1888
        Occupation Proprietor, Gambling Establishment
        Chronicler Wallace Hammond
        Assignment Amanda
        Quote "What is the matter, Monsieur. Are you afraid of a little risk?"
        Episode # 71
        Episode Title Double Eagle
        Description Whoever thought this could possibly happen? Amanda up to all hours surrounded by ledgers and accounting records? This can't be the same woman. As I Watch her squint and scowl over the bookkeeping, I am half tempted to warn her, as my mother used to warn me when I crossed my eyes as a child, that her lovely face could get stuck that way. I wonder if she's enjoying it, this glimpse into how real people live, people who must get up day in and day out and do their jobs and keep their books and have more to worry about than which gown to wear or how to steal the Crown Jewels. Which, granted, Amanda would be the first to say is as hard or harder than mere mortals' work. Still, I'm sure she will tire of playing at respectibility soon enough, as she tires of all her hobbies eventually, and we'll be off together on some new grand adventure.
        Wallace Hammond, San Francisco

        Chronicles 011 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location Missouri
        Date 1926.1
        Occupation Circus Performer
        Chronicler Carlo Mancini
        Assignment Amanda
        Quote "Let 'em use that third-rate lion tamer. The 'Amazing Amanda' takes second billing to no one."

        "I thought he was pretty good."
        Episode # 94
        Episode Title Money No Object
        Description The Amazing Amanda is really living up to her name. The crowds are so big, we're adding a third show on Saturdays. I've never seen management so happy. If this keeps up, they've promised to replace the old dressing trailers. They may even get that lion act they've always wanted. Some of the aerialists are a little jealous. They complain the crowds aren't here for Amanda's technique, but for her physique. If that's the case, then God bless every little spangle on her leotard. Keep 'em coming!
        Carlo "Cannonball" Mancini

        Chronicles 012 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location Missouri, USA
        Date 1926.2
        Occupation Bank Robber
        Chronicler Jimmy Navaro
        Assignment Cory Raines
        Quote "Well if you want me to stay, just tell me."
        Episode # 94
        Episode Title Money No Object
        Description They hit the Bank of Ottumwa yesterday. You should have seen the look on those farmer's faces when Cory and Amanda rolled up in that shiny Packard and demanded all the money. Of course, where there's a farmer there's generally a shotgun, and C&A made a less than clean getaway. Luckily this time only Amanda was killed and Cory was able to get them both out of the county. So this makes their tally since arriving in Iowa four banks and three deaths -- all their own. It's hard to believe Cory's found an accomplice who's probably crazier than he is.
        Jimmy Navaro

        Chronicles 013 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location Berlin
        Date 1936
        Occupation Cabaret Singer
        Chronicler Gerta Schoernin
        Assignment Amanda
        Quote "You thought you filled the bill, but, I need a real man."
        Episode # 29
        Episode Title The Return of Amanda
        Description To: Heinz Jurgens; Coordinator, Western Europe
        From: Gerta Schoernin; Supervisor, Berlin Division
        Re: Otto Goff

        Please be aware that Otto Goff has been removed from his assignment and placed on an administrative leave of absence pending psychological testing and evaluation. It has become increasingly evident that Otto has been developing more than professional feelings for his assignment, Amanda, and that his growing obsession has been negatively impacting the performance of his duties. I fear that continued time in Amanda's presence would lead Otto to a complete mental and physical breakdown. In the interim, I will be taking over his assignment and I strongly recommend that the next Watcher assigned to Amanda on a permanent basis be a woman.

        Chronicles 014 of 303
        Immortal Amanda
        Location London, England
        Date 1950
        Occupation Thief
        Chronicler Richard Bryce
        Assignment Amanda
        Episode # 103
        Episode Title The Stone of Scone
        Description "Why would you want the Stone of Scone back in Scotland?"

        "Oh, to make you happy.

        (Duncan laughs)

        What? Are you the only one who can be selfless? Don't I ever, ever, ever, ever get to be kind?"
        While I bailed Jane out of jail, Hilary followed the co-conspirators to their "hide out" in a lovely country inn just outside Derby. In Jane's defense, I'd like to state for the record that, had I been in her position, I would have done the same. Her impulse to free Officer Thatcher and make sure Amanda's Christmas grog hadn't harmed him was a good one, even if it did mean she was still on the premises when the police arrived. Fortunately, she resembles Amanda not in the slightest, and I do believe Scotland Yard bought her story regarding the open door to the Abbey and her run-away tabby cat, which I will back up should the matter come before a judge. Personally, although I realize my opinions will not sway the Tribunal's ultimate decision in anyway, I feel that Jane has been punished enough for her unpleasant experience with London's law enforcement and a formal reprimand is unnecessary.
        Richard Bryce
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          Immortal # 003 of 170
          Name Ashe, Graham
          Known Aliases Tjanefer, Pabasa of Thebes, Cornelius Jainus, Kha
          Unique Characteristics Flamboyant Dresser
          Most Recent Base of Operations Italy
          Occupation Nobleman
          Roster of Immortals Status Deceased
          Date 16 June 1657
          Place Northern Italy
          Victor Clay, Haresh
          Watcher Paolo Bertilino
          Born 12th Century BC; Troy
          Original Cultural Affiliation Trojan
          First Death ca. 1150BC
          1st Death Age
          Circumstance Killed by Greeks at the fall of Troy
          First Teacher Aganesthes of Tiryns
          Chronicle Such a tragedy to befall mankind, that Ashe, il giusto, il saggio, il nobile, should be cut down this untimely. What gifts had he still to give the world? What wisdom to impart? A man who stood at the side of conquerors and kings and yete could still celebrate the joy in the laughter of a child or the flight of a butterfly -- what a rare creature this was. Ashe was a paragon among mortal men, a master swordsman, a noted lover, a famed philosopher. Truly blessed are they who had opportunity to study at the feet of this great man, and they have left legends of their own -- the incomparable Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, the sainted Alysia of Thebes, the distinguished Supriya Bhaska. And his last student, this Highlander, Duncan MacLeod and what greatness must await him. But now Ashe's legacy may live on only through MacLeod and other students of the Master, as Haresh Clay, the accursed Moor, has silenced the font of wisdom.
          Paolo Bertolino
          Anno Domini MDCLVII
          Quote "The best day is always the one you're in."
          Actor Chris Humphreys
          Episodes 90
          Episode Titles The End of Innocence


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            Amanda's Chronicles overlap, quite naturally, with Duncan MacLeod's.
            Chronicles 187 of 303
            Immortal Duncan MacLeod
            Location Bavaria
            Date 1804
            Occupation Traveler
            Chronicler Clause Seiger
            Assignment Amanda & Zachary Blaine
            Quote "She's stolen my horse!"
            Episode # 18
            Episode Title The Lady & The Tiger
            Description Our blessed Lady Rebecca returned from town, where she has been ministering to the sick and the dying of the vile plague devastating the countryside, with a new pupil. I've seen this one, who they call Amanda, before in my dealings in town, but had no notion she was one like Lady Rebecca. She is a little street beggar who regularly steals from the merchants in the marketplace and anyone else who might have a bit of gold or a bite of cheese. I've heard she met her first death as punishment for stealing bread from a home poisoned by the pestilence, normally a fitting end for a thieving little street rat. But Lady Rebecca, in her wisdom and good Christian charity, has taken her in. The Lord willing, perhaps she can put Amanda on a good and honest path. In the meantime, she would be wise to lock up the gold plate.
            Clause Siger, München


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              Single handed broadsword

              The double-edged blade is straight with a diamond grind and lenticular cross-section that narrows to a rounded point sturdy enough to penetrate armour and chain mail. Carved cross-guard quillons with a gentle upsweep improve the chances for catching the opposing blade. A single ring, or half circle of metal positioned above the guard, protects the knuckles from the skidding blade of an opponent. A substantial carved brass pommel balances the weight of the blade for an easy flow of cutting strokes. The extended finial concentrates considerable force into a small area, producing punishing pommel blows capable of splintering bones and crushing skulls.

              The base of the blade is unsharpened for a full hand's span. This "ricasso" permits grasping the sword with one hand above the cross piece for more effective infighting, allowing Amanda to enter her enemy's zone of power and negate his strength.

              Smaller and less powerful than most of her male opponents, Amanda's style of fighting relies on intelligence, quickness of movement and her ability to efficiently maneuver both body and blade in order to deflect her enemies' powerful blows and instantly counter with an attack of her own.

              Presented by her first teacher and mentor, Rebecca Horne, Amanda's sword was modelled after Rebecca's own. The structure and design of this weapon reflects Rebecca's considerable knowledge of strategy and her faith in Amanda's superior potential.
              Charles Anthony, Curator, Bladed Antiquities

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              They chose two clips to go with Amanda's Sword's review. The fight with Luther from Legacy, and Amanda and Rebecca's conversation in Methuselah's Gift when she fled back for help upon her first encounter with an Immortal out for her head.
              "Rebecca, please! I can't, I'm not good enough!"
              "Will you run all your life?! Choose your ground, choose your weapon, and face what is to come. You're more than good enough."