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Kenny - Maligned Minor and More

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  • Kenny - Maligned Minor and More

    This is the thread for extolling Kenny, pure and simple. Watch this space.

    Hello? Anyone there?

    KOTO?! Where have you been man???

    You are a horrid horrid man. You lock me in basement then go away for very very very long time. Long time. It was a good thing you were a prepper, I ate very well and your porn kept me occupied but if you could let me out. Now, maybe is good.

    Kotodude, I'm not home man, I'm on the road. I'll be home in like 2 days, I'll let you out, I swear.

    There is nothing sharp down here, I think you planned that.

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    Kenny was known by many names, most of them lost to history because the Watchers were a bunch of retards and couldn't keep track of a few books let alone an army of immortals roaming about willy nilly. No wonder Horton heard a Hoo and went apeship on everybody.

    Most of us know him as Kenny or Kenneth Kopeck, Kenny Adams, Kenny Jones, Kenny Brody, Kenny Ross. But some digging by yours truly brought to light some other names Kenny was known as through the ages. Kenneth the Short, Kenny the Shin Kicker, Kenneth the Low, Kenneth thy Little Shyte are among them.


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      I know he had to survive and short and kiddie like he was he had to use his wits and do what he had to do to survive, but to me Kenny ws an evil little shit. He proved that by murdering the mortal wives of his immortal benefactors and killing those that tried to help him. And you can use your imagination as to what he planned to do to Amanda had she not gotten out of those cuffs and succeeded in killing Duncan.


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        I didn't care for Kenny the character because of his evil method of killing the mortals involved with his victims. I do understand that he became that bitter about being an old man stuck in a child's body. No one would every take him seriously and he could never stay anywhere for very long without folks noticing he wasn't aging.

        I believe Myles did an excellent job of playing such a complicated character. I remember his joy at the Anaheim con that the fans remembered Kenny and were so love/hate over the character. He did say that having his first on screen kiss with Elizabeth was a great memory for him. He was also excited to discover that he was forever immortalized on several of the cards in the TCG card game. It was fun meeting him as a tall sixteen year old. So sad that he died three years later.


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          Fantastic memories there. Thank you.

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        From some of Kenny's dialogue, "They mostly tried to kill me," "For how long? Such a small boy... such easy prey! All of you would have taken my head eventually." "We're ALL like that, MacLeod. You're a fool if you don't know it." I think perhaps early on someone who had taken him in decided that… rationalized, or just told him after pretending they would protect him… that taking his head is a mercy killing.