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The Lost Richie Ryan Episode

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  • The Lost Richie Ryan Episode

    Okay, so it's not really an episode of Highlander, but the segment entitled "Red Line" on Season 3, Episode 6 of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction could very easily fit into the same universe. Stan Kirsch stars as a character very reminiscent of Richie Ryan: a motor racer named Chipper Dunn, which could easily be an alias.

    The segment is brief (about six minutes long), but to summarize, Chipper Dunn drives his race car and it begins to malfunction or "red line." His partner warns him over the headset to stop, but Chipper ignores his warning and pushes his luck anyway (which is exactly what an immortal like Richie would do). Then he witnesses a phantom race car from the early 1900's pass him on the racetrack, which then prompts him to finally stop and get out of his car just before it explodes, presumably saving his life. Granted, a car explosion such as this would not likely kill an immortal, but it could still conceivably dismember them, and therefore cause major problems.

    Personally, I like to think that Chipper Dunn is an alias for Richie Ryan, and the car explosion would have blown off his sword arm or even head had it not been for the intervention of this psychic phenomenon. Perhaps the ghost was even an immortal himself -- an immortal whose quickening directly or indirectly went to Richie Ryan at some point -- which is what facilitated Chipper's ability to see him in the first place.

    Anyway, you can watch the episode and decide for yourself. It is currently available to stream for free on Tubi.

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    Thanks for this info ... I need to check this out ...
    La Peur Tue l'Esprit ...