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  • Favorites each season

    Since we are basically doing a restart for the board, I thought this might be fun. List your top three episodes from each season. (That is, if you have three for each season. I understand Season 6 leaves a bit to be desired) If you want, you can list why you like the episodes you list, or even a favorite quote from the episode. A little something to get that immortal blood flowing once again! As an added bonus, you can list two-part episodes as one. However, you can't list a multi-episode arc (like Kalas for example). Also, you don't have to list them in a particular.

    SEASON 1
    1. Mountain Men - Possibly for the sheer brutality of the last fight.
    2. Innocent Man
    3. Avenging Angel - I have a soft spot for this one. It is the first episode of Highlander I watched.

    SEASON 2
    1. Turnabout
    2. Unholy Alliance - The whole scene in the dojo just keeps me glued to the screen. And the last quote is priceless. "I don't think your fr4iend likes you".
    3. Pharoh's Daughter
    **a side note about Season 2: Twice we get an episode about immortals being buried. Didn't give that any thought till doing this.

    SEASON 3
    1. The Revolutionary
    2. Courage - Probably on my top five of the whole series list.
    3. Testimony - Seeing Richie win at the end was cool. Duncan's initial look of shock, then a sort of pride and Richie stands there smiling.

    SEASON 4
    1. Homeland - Kanwulf and Duncan's conversation in the church is always fun to watch.
    2. Chivalry - I enjoy watching Methos own Kristin.
    3. Timeless

    SEASON 5
    1. Comes a Horseman/Revelation 6:8
    2. Modern Prometheus - I love the musician slant they put on Byron. On a side note, it is convenient they made him a guitarist as well because guitarists are generally pricks. No offense to any guitarists here.
    3. Little Tin God

    SEASON 6
    1. Two of Hearts
    2. Justice
    3. Indiscretions

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    Season 1

    The Gathering
    Mountain Men
    Avenging Angel

    Season 2

    Studies in Light
    Under Color of Authority
    Prodigal Son

    Season 3

    Blind Faith
    Mortal Sins
    Reasonable Doubt

    Season 4

    Brothers in Arms
    The Wrath of Kali

    Season 5

    The End of Innocence
    The Messenger
    Forgive Us Our Trespasses

    Season 6

    Diplomatic Immunity
    Not To Be
    Formerly known as "Quickening"

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      Season 1: Band of Brothers, The Lady and the Tiger, The Hunters
      Season 2: The Watchers, Studies in Light, Unholy Alliance
      Season 3: The Samurai, Star-Crossed, Methos (there are so many more…)
      Season 4: Homeland, Timeless, Till Death (again…so many more)
      Season 5: Forgive Us Our Trespasses, Money No Object, Comes A Horseman/Revelation 6:8
      Season 6: Indiscretions, Patient Number 7, To Be/Not to Be


      • David McMurdo
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        Yes, seasons 3, 4, and 5 were particularly difficulty to choose only three from. Seasons 2 and 6 are the weakest for me.

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      Season 1:
      The Gathering, Band of Brothers, The Lady and the Tiger, The Hunters

      Season 2:
      Under Color of Authority, Unholy Alliance, Prodigal Son

      Season 3:
      The Samurai, Song of the Executioner, Star-Crossed

      Season 4:
      Homeland, Something Wicked, Promises

      Season 5:
      The End of Innocence, Comes A Horseman/Revelation 6:8, Forgive Us Our Trespasses

      Season 6/Raven:
      Indiscretions, Unusual Suspects, War and Peace

      I cheat with The Gathering, because we all will, inevitably, since it features Connor and its actually a pretty solid start, aside the villain. And, those four are genuinely the only ones I like so much to mention, despite being overally fond of that season. Also, I have one single episode in Raven that I like more than all of season 6 almost, and I thought I should mention those two together (Raven feels like Season Six, Series Two anyway).

      And indeed, seasons 3 to 5 have a lot more to choose from. 5 may not have a running arc for Duncan, but it has a unifying theme of progression that, until the unmentionable season finale, was a great evolution for Mac.


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        Season 1 - The Gathering, Mountain Men, Band of Brothers

        Season 2 - The Watchers, Studies in Light, Run for Your Life

        Season 3 - The Samurai, Courage, Methos

        Season 4 - Homeland, Double Eagle, Till Death

        Season 5 - The End of Innocence, Manhunt, Money No Object, Revelation 6:8

        Season 6 - Deadly Exposure, Two of Hearts, Indiscretions


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          This is tough..

          Season 1 Probably Mountain Men, Band of Brothers and The Hunters. I would love to choose the Gathering but Slan Quince just ruins it for me.

          Season 2, The Watchers, Unholy Alliance, Counterfeit and Prodigal Son

          Season 3: All Kalas episodes.

          Season 4: Dark Quickening arc and Til Death. There are a few others I'd like to add here too, but I guess I'll leave it at that.

          Season 5: Forgive us our Trespasses and The Four Horsemen Arc stand out.

          Season 6: indiscretions and the season finale arc


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            Season 1: The Gathering (despite the over-the-top villain)
            Band of Brothers
            The Hunters

            Season 2: The Darkness
            Under Color of Authority
            Unholy Alliance, Parts 1 and 2

            Season 3: Shadows
            Finale, Parts 1 and 2

            Season 4: Homeland
            Judgment Day
            One Minute to Midnight

            Season 5: The Messenger
            Comes a Horseman
            Revelation 6:8

            Season 6: Unusual Suspects

            But in trying to pick no more than three episodes per season, I've had to leave out so many I love! I wanted to include the entire, 5-episode Kalas arc. And I love Leader of the Pack, Chivalry, Timeless, The Blitz, Mortal Sins, The End of Innocence...
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