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"Grayson" As Alternate Nazi America Gameshow Host

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  • "Grayson" As Alternate Nazi America Gameshow Host

    It's not often that I get to write a title like that.

    But yeah a friend of mine was complaining about how garbage the trailer for the new Wolfenstein game is so I went to check it out. Now I don't know the actor's name, but I'd swear that that's the actor who played Grayson at 1:38. I'd recognise that voice anywhere.

    So I guess you can update the chronicles regarding what Grayson was up to in the sixties. In an alternate timeline anyway.
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    He's not on the IMDB but you're probably on the money. He does voice acting.
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      It is James Horan playing the game show host. I always run to watch the commercials he is in every time I hear his distinctive baritone. That is also his give away each time he played a different alien on Star Trek over the years.