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Misheard quote from Revelation 6:8

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  • Misheard quote from Revelation 6:8

    I saw the clip where Duncan killed Kronos and realized I remembered the quote wrong. I thought Duncan's response to Kronos' boast that he was the end of time was "No, you're history" instead of just "you're history". Anyways, that got me thinking how some spelling errors would have added an interesting twist i.e 'know your history'. Nothing else to see here..move along
    Gonna change my evil of these days

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    Spelling and grammar are important. "Let's eat Grandma!" Also, quotes are important. Which ep was it, where AP says, "There are more things in Heaven and Hell, Horatio, than are drempt of in your philosophy," and Stan's head jerks, because it's "Heaven and Earth".
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