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    The original series comprised 118 episodes, including the pathetic 6th season.
    Of them all, 34 episodes are necessary to fully understand the relationships between the five main protagonists of Highlander : MacLeod, Amanda, Richie, Methos, Joe Dawson, as well as a supporting cast made of Hugh Fitzcairn, James Horton, Tessa, Darius and Charlie DeSalvo

    Although other episodes do stand apart i.e Courage, The Lamb, the Wrath of Kali, and a few others, only those in in the following list are necessary if one wants to keep track of the original serie's complicated continuity.

    Highlander: The Series - Season 1:

    The Gathering : introduces us to MacLeod, Tessa, Richie Ryan
    MacLeod kills Slan Quince
    Band of Brothers : first appearance of Darius
    MacLeod kills Grayson
    For Tomorrow We Die : first appearance of Xavier St. Cloud
    The Lady and the Tiger : first appearance of Amanda
    MacLeod fights Zachary Blaine, though Amanda takes his head
    The Hunters : First appearance of Joe Dawson, Fitzcairn, James Horton anf the Watchers.
    Darius is murdered by James Horton

    Highlander: The Series - Season 2:

    The Watchers : MacLeod and Dawson handle Horon's death squad , Horton disappears, plotting his revenge
    Turnabout : First appearance of Dojo manager Charlie De Salvo
    MacLeod kills Michael Moore
    The Darkness : Tessa dies, MacLeod takes care of a disciple of Horton
    Under Color of Authority : Richie Ryan's first kill
    Unholy Alliance : Horton and Xavier return
    MacLeod kills Xavier St. Cloud
    Legacy : Appearance of Rebecca Horne, Amanda returns, first mention of the Methuselah Stone
    MacLeod kills Luther
    Prodigal Son : Richie Ryan returns after MacLeod kicked him out of his life after the 'incident' with Mako
    MacLeod kills Martin Hyde
    Counterfeit, part 1 &2 : Tessa returns (or is it her ?) as well as James Horton

    Highlander: The Series - Season 3:

    The Samurai : The origin of MacLeod's dragonhead katana
    MacLeod kills Michael Kent
    Line of Fire : The story beheind the death of MacLeod's Lakota family
    MacLeod kills Kern
    The Revolutionary : Charlie departs to the Balkans with girlfriend Marla Leonin
    MacLeod kills Paul Karros
    The Cross of St. Antoine : Joe Dawson's girlfriend is murdered by an immortal, asks MacLeod for help
    MacLeod kills John Durgan
    They Also Serve : We find out more about the Watchers, MacLeod and Dawson's friendshipis further explored
    MacLeod kills Michael Christian
    Song of the Executioner : One of the series's main villains appears, Kalas.
    Star-crossed : Fitscairn returns, is killed by Kalas
    Methos : First appearance of Methos
    Finalé : Amanda returns, also Xavier in flashback
    Finalé, Part 2 : MacLeod kills Kalas durign the Watcher CD crisis

    Highlander: The Series - Season 4:

    Homeland : MacLeod returns to Scotland with Joe Dawson, his past his further explored
    Brothers in Arms : De Salvo returns, revenge-driven agaisnt an immortal friend of Dawson. MacLeod and Dawson have a major falling-out when De Salvo is killed.
    MacLeod kills Andrew Cord
    The Colonel : Amanda tried to reconcile MacLeod and Dawson
    MacLeod kills Simon Killian
    Chivalry : Methos returns, MacLeod can't kill a woman he once loved.
    Timeless : Methos falls in love with a mortal
    Something Wicked : MacLeod takes a Quickening he shouldn't have, turns evil, nearly kils Richie
    MacLeod kills Kol T'ek
    Deliverance : Methos helps MacLeod back to sanity, Mac kills another dear friend of his
    MacLeod kills Sean Burns
    Methuselah's Gift
    Judgment Day : Dawson, interferign Watcher, faces the Watcher Tribunal in judgement
    One Minute to Midnight : Flashback to Horton's crimes agaisnt the immortals, Galati wants his revenge, is executed by Shapiro, head of Watcher tribune. MacLeod and Dawson are mad at each other again

    Highlander: The Series - Season 5:

    The Prophecy : Cassandra apears for the first time, MacLeod's past s again further explored
    MacLeod kills Roland Kantos
    The End of Innocence : Richie Ryan returns, kick buts and take names. Richie and MacLeod and Dawson reconcile over the quickenings of Haresh Clay and Carter Wellan and a few beers.
    MacLeod kills Haresh Clay
    The Messenger : Methos returns with a fake Methos. Richie gets lucky and has another Q.
    The Valkyrie : Methos gives a lesson on the rise of Adolf Hitler in the 1930's, MacLeod must kill a friend (again !) MacLeod kills Ingrid Henning
    Comes a Horseman : Methos breaks our hearts, he was the Bronze Age Hitler ! MacLeod is judgemental, Cassandra is a fury, Kronos wants to burn, pillage, destroy.
    Revelation 6:8 : Methos' past is further explored, he finally makes a choice and faces his brothers.
    MacLeod kills Caspian and Kronos
    Cassandra doens't understand Methos could change over time when his brothers didn't.
    Forgive Us Our Trespasses : Should have been the finale to the series, MacLeod finally faces the consequences of his actions whrn a British immie even more judgemental than he is. Methos and Amanda return for him and give him some much-needed counselling. MacLeod fights and spares Steven Keane
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    Originally posted by Gardner View Post
    ... to fully understand the relationships between the five main protagonists of Highlander : MacLeod, Amanda, Richie, Methos, Joe Dawson, as well as a supporting cast made of Hugh Fitzcairn, James Horton, Tessa, Darius and Charlie DeSalvo

    If that is the criteria, then you must absolutely include the season 6 Indiscretions for the relationship between Methos and Joe, and probably the finale two parter, To Be and Not to Be as well.


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      Whoops ! Thank you Ceridwen. However, the To Be Not to be story is set in an alternate continuity, a dream made by MacLeod...


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        Granted, but it does deal with relationships, just viewing them through the filter of his not being there, and therefore illustrates the importance of his relationships with most all of the rest you listed.


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          Absolutely! Although I do not imagine Amanda becoming a black widow. More like a one-handed cat burglar, i.e the Constantinople incident of 1753. Without MacLeod she coul have lost her hand. Good extrapolation of Methos and Kronos' relationship. Or maybe Methos would have found someone else to manipulate into killing Kronos.