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What Aspects of the Series Didn't You Like?

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    I actually liked the deaths of Charlie and Richie. They had it coming for some time.
    Charlie dabbling as a mercenary got him againstan opponent he couldn't beat, even though that knife fight was awesome.
    And Richie escaped his inevitable fate a few times before. His impulsive nature of rushing into any situation led to a fitting end.

    Tessa's death was sudden but did wonders for the series and I didn't mind at all that it was shown that immortals don't have control over all aspects of their lives. Tragedies happen.
    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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      Originally posted by Leto II View Post
      The producers had to stylize how they depicted some of those beheadings, yes, due to Standards and Practices, but those beheadings still indeed happened onscreen.
      If you say so, but the arc of Duncan's swing didn't always seem to match up with where their necks were supposed to be.

      "Really? We are trapped in a room with a machine that can cut off my head. Now that's a longshot."
      --Connor MacLeod in Peter Bellwood's original Highlander II script


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        Originally posted by somecallmejames View Post
        And finally, Richie's death was the worst in the entire series. He just stands still like a complete idiot while Duncan cuts his head off.
        Well, that's pretty much what happened to Rebecca, May Ling, Sean Burns...


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          I didn't so much "dislike" the two things I'm going to mention as find them a "distraction." Two implausible "messages"...

          First, the clue Darius left for Mac, when he knew he was about to be killed. He left a Watchers' Chronicle, and a piece of cloth with the MacLeod tartan. But then, the simple message "27NJS." Quite a stretch for Mac to have to figure out it meant "27 N(something) J(something) Street" in his Seacouver zip code!

          And later, the clue Methos left for Mac to tell him where the "Horsemen" were gathering. He was supposedly able to write "Bordeaux," and a long hotel name, in a matchbook?


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            I don't see why anyone should "dislike" such concepts as all Immortals being foundlings, beheadings on holy ground having catastrophic consequences, or one you didn't mention, belief that one last Immortal will triumph in a future "Gathering." Every fan should be willing to acknowledge the existence of a universe in which some - though undoubtedly not all - Immortals believe these things (while others live and die without ever hearing of them). And then, every fan can decide for himself or herself whether, in their view of that universe, the concepts are true, or simply myths. Some of us incline more to fantasy, others to quasi-"realism."


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              Originally posted by dubiousbystander View Post

              Well, that's pretty much what happened to Rebecca, May Ling, Sean Burns...
              Well, not quite. Rebecca and May Ling knew it was coming, and may Ling and especially Sean Burns were shocked that they were going to die the way they were. Richie seemingly didn't even try to defend himself against a raging lunatic waving his sword around like a real nutcase, screaming obscenities. Talk about horrible writing - they should've just had him hold a sign like Willie Coyote that said "BEHEAD ME, PLEASE" and be done with it.

              See, its not just the concept of magic and especially of a demon roaming the centuries that's stupid. Its the writing that accompanies it that makes it especially idiotic. Stuff like the above in inexcusable, because its simply a means to an end.


              • dubiousbystander
                dubiousbystander commented
                Editing a comment
                I decided to dedicate myself to the idea I read in at least one fanfic: Ahriman is really just a powerful psychic Immortal, and Duncan burnt him out.

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              I just remembered the thing I disliked most about the series! Maybe not surprising, given the type of thing it is - no one else has mentioned it either. It's our having had to pretend that Vancouver, British Columbia, was really a U.S. city - eventually, with the ridiculous name "Seacouver." I assume there was some convoluted legal, contractual reason why it had to be "disguised" as a U.S. city. But the producers never should have let some subset of fans pick a name for it...accepted a silly squashing together of parts of the words "Seattle" and "Vancouver"...and made it official by using the resulting name in - I think it was a sign posted on a wall - in an episode.


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                What I dislike about the show is the treatment of Immortal women treated as wimps, as defeseless before the swords of male Immortals, i.e Rebecca, May-Lign, Grace. They lived for centuries and to survive in the Game would have developed more than one survival skill. Remember the female is the deadliest of the species in many cases; and when they are the equals of Duncan MacLeod, they are either a murdering b*** like Felicia Martins or a thief like Amanda. Even with Alex Raven : Duncan tries to sleep with her, thus trying to impose his sexual power over her as he did to Ceirdwyn.