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    When I first joined the original page there was very little known about the actual hero swords used in the series and films, and even the stuff we thought we knew was not actually right.
    The masamune dragon headed katana, used in the original H1, started out as just an ivory handle (Marto handle and SS blade) however close to the start of filming it was decided that they wanted something that would POP on screen. So someone in the prop department sculpted a bondo head onto the end of the handle and boom, a legend was born. Now to this date, after talking to Mr Davis, and even Russel Mulchahy, it's still not known who did the actual work. But when you first see it on film, it's amazing, ancient but elegant, and you wanted it. There were some replicas made, the Marto Connor sword is actually pretty good...especially for the time. The mentor, commissioned by Thomas Mulack, is as close to the original as possible, and the Genai, produced by the late Sal Daquilla, of Point Gallery.
    The h1 handle was crude but a good size. They went with a white handle and a very subtle off white weathering.. they added the ever controversial brass wood screw in the neck of the dragon.. but still very sexy and iconic.
    of course for every movie there has to be a new sword, this is for many reasons, to increase product sales, to expand or attract new fans, and so on.
    The h2 sword, like the film, was a completely different beast. The idea was it was hundreds of years since Connor got that sword and it had to age, because ivory doesn't stay white forever. And I have to say, unlike the film, the h2 is one of my favorites. The base handle is the same and the head is also, however it is very 'watered' down, the handle really looks like it was used and worn for hundreds of years. Even the Tsuba (hand guard) was a worn down version of the original ..
    then there is the most detailed and changed handle, the h3. Carved by the great and powerful, Jose DeBraga, it has all the same details, but made to be much more intricate. Unlike the last 2 film handles, this was carved from scratch. The details are deeper and rounded. Jose opted to do a Mekugi and forgo the neck screw, and also added a brass ring (Fuchi) at the base of the handle. The tsuba was completely different, however it was meant to be the same, it's said the production team wanted something 'NOW' and that's what they went with.

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