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    Hello all,
    I liked Haresh Clay and I liked his sword. Most of the first three seasons were Marto swords. Haresh Clay's looked almost identical to Cold Steel's Shamshir. I wonder what they used for his sword? A CS Shamshir with a customized handle to fit his long fingered big hands? Anyway, I picked up Cold Steel's Shamshir because that is what it seems Clay was using.

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    I'll see if I can get you an answer...
    Highlander: Dark Places


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      According to the swordmaster, F. Braun McAsh:

      "Honestly can't remember where I got it - might have been a Museum Replica piece and we modified the grip."
      Highlander: Dark Places


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        Thanks Andrew, that is about what I figured. The MRL scimitar and the Cold Steel Shamshir are very similar with identical blades made by Windless. The only difference is the handlles and guards. The MRL one has a wooden handle and a pot metal guard and silver metal scabbard adornments.. The Cold Steel one has a black fake horn handle with a solid brass guard and scabbard adornments. I have pics of both and wanted to post them with my reply but see nothing here to where I fan do it. I reckon you can only post pics on original posts. The guard on Haresh Clay's sword is solid brass and nothing like MRL's unless they replaced the guard too. It looks like a Cold Steel one to me.

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      Also, MRL carried Cold Steel's shamshir and i figure that when the props folks started ordering from MRL they probably got one and altered the handle.