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Conner's sword in The Gathering

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  • Conner's sword in The Gathering

    I liked Conner's sword he used in the Series. According to an official list of swords used in the first three years of the series it said he used a Rose Wood Tachi by Marto. It is beautiful and I would love to have one but the one I found for sale somewhere was $700 bucks. Damn!
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Name:	1b. Rosewood Taichi katana by Marto.jpg
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Name:	1. Conners Rosewood Tachi by MARTO_450.jpg
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    I know that feeling well. I can't afford almost anything!


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      Oh man. My life's story. I am retired now too and get paid once a month. I get lucky here and there at pawnshops. But isn't that one beautiful sword?!? Man! Although not combat ready it is fine. And just to know it is the one Conner used makes even more important.

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      It is lovely!

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    It's a nice sword, but I would like it more if "The Samurai" hadn't retconned why Connor had it in the first place.

    "Really? We are trapped in a room with a machine that can cut off my head. Now that's a longshot."
    --Connor MacLeod in Peter Bellwood's original Highlander II script


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      Ah, Duncan's modified history!

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    For me, it was weird that Connor used a Tachi than other weapon ... But it is fine now ... =)
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      Well, it's perfectly reasonable to assume pretty much all Immortals have multiple swords, or at least have gone through multiple swords over the centuries. Look at how many swords were getting broken during Feudal times... and that's just over the course of a decade or two. There's no way a single katana blade can survive dozens upon dozens of intense sword fights over centuries.
      Highlander: Dark Places