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  • Aleander's Fan-Edits Thread...

    I was told to do a thread here about my fan-edits on Highlander: The Sorcerer and Endgame, because there is a small demand for them.

    For the record, I did a fan-edit of 3 almost a decade ago, and had been working on fan-edits on The Hunted (a CL film that I incorporated Highlander elements into it) and Endgame, before putting them in indefinite hiatus. (or standby). I have put a lot of hours, passion and heart into those, but I'm not sure I can finish them because a couple of vital elements are missing still.

    Still, I could release some clips here, to show what might have been. here's one from my Endgame fan-edit, in which I redefined Jacob Kell's characterization and also accentuate his lunacy and Priestly ties and incorporate them into the plot in a way the film never did. Hope you like it.

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    What do you need to finish?
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      The Highlander III re-edit is pretty solid, but it could use one more pass to fix some tiny things that didn't quite work when we tried them. It's almost good enough to send to Miramax with the note, "Do this, please." The other two projects are more like audio/visual fan-fiction than fully-functional cuts of the movies, but I realize that Aleander is trying to suggest what might have been with those projects rather than trying to present the best possible version of what already is.

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        The police interrogation just doesn't work at all. But it never did in the actual film, so we're even.

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      Yeah, with the latter two, I was trying to suggest HOW they should've handled Endgame and what they set to do there. Its in the same vein as HL3, a What Should Have Been, but it isn't in that it is a conceptual makeover as well, and as such it required more work because there were some fundamental problems with Endgame that a simple fan-edit (which you also know it still largely is) wouldn't do justice by simply fixing the Producer Cut's numerous problems. Basically, how D/P should've handled the movies, conceptually and practically, but didn't.

      I wish I could do a similar work with 3, but on the other hand, it was never meant to be anything beyond a requel that it already is... we just removed the stuff that held it back from being a watchable requel, and made the plot sensical (obviously) by setting it in the Series-verse. So at the end, we didn't really have to delve deeper, because it wasn't meant to be anything beyond that, so I stayed true to those "honorable" intentions.

      Though, there is one conceptual addition I'd put in a revised edition:

      Its not much, but at least it explains Kane's idiotic motive and clarifies his envy of MacLeod growing stronger over the years he was imprisoned.
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        OK, some more:

        This is from The Sorcerer: This is Connor in Scotland, but I abbreviated his visit there to remove the Heather flash and add the VO from the ending into it, because it adds poignancy to the proceedings, and also because I wanted the ending to be mostly silent.

        This is from Endgame: Its Duncan remembering his first meeting with Methos, in full - basically retroactively extending the "Methos" scene to include bits relevant to Connor and how Methos knew him and Duncan knew so from then, even, retroactively seeding Duncan's eventual questioning of Methos in Endgame.


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          How is the edit going?