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Highlander Information & Community Forum
Greetings, Highlander!
Introduce yourself!
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Andrew NDB
Late to the party
A place for Admin or Mod announcements about the bulletin board operations and features. Sub Forum: HLBB Technical Information Contains Tutorials on board features found here.
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Highlander Conventions
Discuss upcoming and past Highlander conventions here.
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Highlander Podcasts
Highlander Podcasts
A place to discuss the ongoing "Blood of Kings" and "Highlander: Rewatched" podcasts.
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Highlander Swords
The place to discuss our favorite Swords and show off our collections.
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Highlander Fandom
A place to talk about Highlander in general. Highlander alumni non-Highlander current projects may be posted here. Please see movie or series forums for specific discussions.
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Nicholas Ward
Trading Topic
Film Franchise Forum
Highlander: The Remake
The remake
The place to comment and discuss the upcoming Highlander remake from visionary director Chad Stahelski.
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Discuss the original movie that started it all.
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Yung Dol Kim
by Gardner
Highlander 2
Highlander 2
Discuss the imaginative second Highlander movie (theatrical, renegade, and special editions). Also a place for Zeistians to Gather.
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Magazine articles
Highlander: The Final Dimension/The Sorcerer
Highlander III
Discuss the alternative Highlander sequel and its place in the franchise.
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Highlander: Endgame
Highlander: Endgame
Discuss the fourth Highlander film which also featured characters from the TV series.
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Highlander: The Source
Highlander: The Source
Discuss the controversial fifth Highlander film.
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Highlander: The Search for Vengeance (Anime)
Discuss the Highlander anime film and other anime in general.
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Series Franchise Forum
Highlander: The Series
Discuss the award-winning original Highlander series.
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Highlander continuity
by Gardner
Highlander: The Raven
Discuss the chic spin-off series with Amanda.
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Raven Chronicles?
by Gardner
Highlander: The Methos Chronicles
Discuss the world's oldest Immortal, his impact on the franchise, his Flash Animated series, and the career and projects of Peter Wingfield.
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Is Methos... evil?
by Haplo
Highlander: The Animated Series
Animated Series
Discuss the Animated Series or other animated projects in general.
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Creative Arts Forum
Highlander Books & Music
Books and Music
Discuss the many published Highlander novels, literary works as well as the music of Highlander.
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Highlander Imagine books
by Gardner
Highlander Comics
Talk about the Writing, the Artwork, and give your feedback.
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Highlander Fan Films
Fan Films
A place to discuss the official and unofficial Highlander fan works and projects.
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Highlander Chain Stories/Fan Fiction
Highlander Fiction
Post your original stories or collaborate on Highlander-themed chain stories.
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Highlander Arts and Photos
Arts and Photos
Have you taken a special picture at a convention? Drawn a sketch of your favorite Highlander Character? Share it here!
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The Non-Highlander Writing Forum
Non-Highlander Writing
Share your original Non-Highlander Fiction and Poetry.
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General Discussion Forum
The Gathering
The Gathering
This is the place to discuss general, non-Highlander topics.
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Games & Humor
Games and Humor
A forum for games, jokes and just plain fun! Place links to games and surveys here.
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Highlander: The Board Game
by n107
TV & Movies
TV and Movies
Discuss non-Highlander TV and movies.
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What TV shows are you watching?
by Haplo
Discuss non-Highlander music.
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Funny Song
Books, Comics & Video Games
Books Comics and Video Games
Non-Highlander related books, comics & video games.
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What are you reading?
Holy Ground
Holy Ground
You know the place, you know the rules! Settle your differences here like Civilized Immortals and leave your arrogance at the door!!!
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