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  • Highlander: The Watcher

    So, I imagine most everyone around here is aware of this little project of mine. Much of the production had been documented on the old board, and I know a handful of people here have already purchased a copy - but for those who may not know, Highlander: The Watcher is an officially-licensed fan film set in the Highlander universe (chiefly the TV series/Endgame corner of it), which started out as a series of shorts, which evolved into a full length film, now available on DVD and Blu Ray.

    David Quinlan is a member of The Watchers - a secret society of scholars and historians who record the secret histories of The Immortals, but never interfere. But when David becomes convinced that Ian Campbell, the Immortal he is charged with following, will be killed, David involves himself in a battle between Immortals. By breaking his oath, David not only exposes himself to Campbell, but invites the wrath of an ancient assassin, and a traitor from within David's own organization. A new fan-made Highlander film, fully authorized by Davis-Panzer Productions.

    For more info, follow and like us on Facebook:

    To order on Blu Ray:

    To order on DVD:

    Special features include: Behind the scenes footage, Bloopers, an Alternate ending, Watcher files and commentary by the cast and crew.
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    It's a great movie!

    Also besides all the things highlander, I like the animation that plays during the credits a lot.
    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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      Thanks! That took me a good 2 weeks to complete!


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        And this lovely work from you!