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The Methos Chronicles, episode 0 script

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  • The Methos Chronicles, episode 0 script

    This is 7 years old and I have all of the recorded voice lines for it, even from Rich Ridings. I still intend to make it and animate it... but in the mean time, here is the script for it:
      Episode 0: Eastbound
      England, 2000

      We see Methos in the same estate we saw him at in Highlander: Endgame. He walks out
      the front door, leisurely drinking a glass of wine. Slowly, he peers down. We see him pick
      up a postcard from the concrete. We big picture of a lotus flower on it. Methos first
      smiles, then the smile slowly fades into a frown.
      Cut to a plane taking off.
      Tokyo, Japan
      Methos approaching a Japanese woman’s hospital bedside.
      KIMYO: Methos… Methos, I did not think you would come.
      METHOS: Hush, my dear.
      KIMYO: I was not sure I wanted you to. I was not sure I want you to remember me
      like… this.
      METHOS: My dearest Kimyo, you are as beautiful to me as you were when I first laid
      eyes on you.
      -- Brief flashback of Methos looking into the eyes of a much younger Kimyo in 1940s
      Japan. She was a geisha. We see him slip a lotus flower in her ear --
      KIMYO: You flatter me, Methos. You know my time is short… but a long, happy life I
      have lived. Just not as long as yours.
      METHOS: Kimyo…
      KIMYO: After we parted I took a husband… I had children, now grandchildren… I am a
      widower and soon I go to join my beloved Kenshin. I know this, but before I do that it is
      my wish to solve the mystery that has remained with me for decades.
      METHOS: I am listening, my dear.
      KIMYO: If you will permit this dying old woman one final request… I would ask... I
      would ask of your beginnings. How you first became that which you are. Undying…
    • METHOS: I-I can’t. I told you once, my love, I don’t remember much at the beginning at
      all. It’s all a bit of a haze –
      KIMYO: Methos. I know you better than that. Please.
      METHOS: Very well. (heavy sigh) Very well. But I fear you may be disappointed. (clears
      throat then)
      Visuals to suit the following voiceovers.
      METHOS: I was “born” in what would one day become Egypt in 3157 BC. When my
      parents found me the world was still new. I was welcomed into a large, happy family that
      occupied the same oasis as my father’s grandfather had, long ago. My people had lived
      there, without interruption, for much longer than that, but our oral history contained
      specifics for only the last 100 or so years.
      METHOS: You know my life has always been about surviving, in one way or another,
      but the meaning that it had to me then, with the people that I loved and admired, has
      shaded somewhat in the ensuring years of my existence. The perfect simplicity of that
      time and place has left me searching for a replacement that I can never find.
      METHOS: As I reached my 28th birthday, our home was visited by a terrible calamity.
      Our wells running dry, we had to abandon what we had known and move. As we began to
      move across the vast expanse, we set up camp one night…
      KIMYO: Go on, Methos.
      METHOS: I was shoveling camel dung for the family fires… and I slipped on a large
      turd, fell… and was stamped on by a huge male camel. And it crushed my skull, I lost
      consciousness immediately. Didn’t realize I’d died until I came back to life to find the
      camel’s head 6 inches away from mine eating its own poo. It’s not commonly known but
      camels eat their own droppings. That is the true story of how I first died.
      KIMYO: (giggling, then laughter)
      METHOS: After that and the terrible storms that followed, I came to live with the
      Bedouin people that had found me, and eventually the people of the Sinai. It was in those
      earliest years that the Pharaoh Djer… (suddenly playful, mock-annoyed) oh, Kimyo…
      KIMYO: (we hear her still laughing about Methos’ first death, which then breaks into
      coughing, then painful coughing) I thank you for this, Methos. I thank you. I… oh…

    • METHOS: I will always love you, Tanaka Kimyo. My dearest Kimyo.
      A shot of Kimyo’s hand slipping from Methos’. Limp. She has died.
      Fade to black, then fade to a shot of Methos walking/wandering slowly in the streets of
      Tokyo at night. It’s raining.
      A large Sarcophagus is pulled aboard a boat. Mina Abadi peers down at it after taking off
      her scuba mask.
      MINA ABADI: Well then, gentlemen… I think we’re in business!
    Highlander: Dark Places

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    Heehee camel dung!


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      Entertaining origin story!

      Andrew, I enjoyed your previous work on "The Methos Chronicles". I will look forward to seeing this when you have time to complete this new episode.


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        Me, too. You're pretty awesome.


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          Did the show go on? How did this turn out?