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What would have happened with Methos if he hadn't have been a fan favorite?

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  • What would have happened with Methos if he hadn't have been a fan favorite?

    Meaning, what would TPTB probably have done with the character if it didn't connect the same as it did with audiences? Would we have gotten a duplicitous Methos, forced to fight MacLeod and be written off the show? Would he just quietly have disappeared, ala Maurice?
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    There likely would've been some plot devised where Joe had to deal with the fallout of an immortal being in the Watchers to spy on other immortals, maybe turning him into a bad guy that had to be dispatched by Duncan after killing some other friend character or something. Clearly he wouldn't have been kept around past season 4, and since it seems they were swaying into the watcher side of stories anyway, it wouldn't have been hard to change it up a little to fit the season. Or who knows, maybe Duncan would've just killed him in Deliverance, and they would've played the dark quickening angle a bit longer to have Richie and Joe be the ones to help him. In either event, we would've been deprived of at least three great episodes.


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      But we already know... Kalas would have taken his head, and Duncan would have had to wrestle with having to take Kalas' head while Methos kept manifesting through him.


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        It would have hurt the show. Methos would be written into some giant obstacle to overcome (which Duncan would, because superman syndrome) after which nothing will matter anymore. After all Duncan defeated the oldest immortal and gained his powers & knowledge. Or they'd have to pull another Garrick and state that all that was now lost.

        Neither would have helped. The series would have ended before season 5 probably.
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          Not necessarily... perhaps having such legendary power would've helped the show actually commit to the Angels and Demons idea and pressed the apocalypse storyline to be more than just a deleted scene, resulting in an actually good season 6, perhaps even more, and maybe a few great films thereafter, instead of just the near abortion of a fifth film that the apocalyptic concept eventually recycled into.


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            No because the other episodes in between wouldn't have made sense whatsoever and therefore wouldn't be made.
            It would make your wishful season 6 mostly half a season 4 which ends with: Duncan is the One. It would've been the death of the series.

            The only point where Methos could believably become a hurdle to overcome is after Highlander: Endgame.
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              You have a thin outlook on how much writers evolve their stories to the circumstances given. Just because one character is removed doesn't mean all is lost, their ideas would still be done, just in slightly different ways, that's why I said the watcher storyline may have moved into a direction that framed him as a bad guy to get rid of him. Then the religious stuff would've happened, too, but again, in a different way, a way that might have lead to the apocalyptic story actually happening. Just because it wouldn't make sense as is without him, doesn't mean it wouldn't make sense at all. You're putting way too much weight on a character that didn't even measure as a credit worthy series regular until the final season.


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                The key is if Methos hadn't become a fan favorite. He became an instant favorite, and that's the only reason his original fate (losing his head to Kalas) was averted.

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              You do realise those writers are the ones not coming up with a decent ending to the series at all.
              They wouldn't have magically gotten a stroke of genius.
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                They wouldn't have magically failed to come up with three (technically four) seasons worth of episodes, either. It's important to remember that the series only ended because Adrian Paul wanted to become a movie star, and so the sixth season became a series of back door pilots for a spin off, none of which worked, and even The Raven (the eveual spin off that ignored all the back door pilots that ruined the final season) only got cancelled, itself, because Elizabeth Gracen was in a screwed up mental state at the time of production.

                Even if Methos hadn't been saved because he was deemed too interesting to kill off, allowing him to become the fan favorite that he is, and he was instead killed off by Kalas as originally planned, before Gillian Horvath argued that he was too valuable as a recurring character, it wouldn't have ended the series. In truth, the popularity of it in whole likely wouldn't have been altered much at all. Like I've said before, ideas would still have come up, and been done. Differently, of course, but they still would've happened. Even Methos centric stories, like Comes a Horseman, could've still been done without him. And while Adrian Paul's decision may have still broken the sixth season, preventing the apocalyptic scenario from playing out, as it did, Methos not being there wouldn't have magically made it all fail, or run into a heap of writer's block, or end abruptly two seasons early.

                To think that is asinine at best.


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                  Gillian Horvath says we've had the wrong end of the stick. It was David and so forth who demanded Methos not die.


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                    That's funny because I always thought it was David, but I double checked before posting and saw the credit given to Gillian, so I edited that line to be accurate... go figure.