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    [Legacy's Edge]
    Ramirez: "So there's a problem with our two new arrivals?"
    Rebecca: "QUITE! Felicia has no business with us, in any fashion! She's a murderer and a liar!"
    Ramirez: "By means of the Game, or..."
    Rebecca: "By means of killing the family of one of my students! You weren't the only one broken who has required my healing over the years."
    Ramirez: "Are you sure it was her?"
    Rebecca: "Sure enough! Which leads to the question as to what we know of this Kortan? All I've ever heard of him was from my Amanda and it sounded as if he was as conniving and deceptive as she could be! Even the Watcher files have little on him."
    Ramirez: "All I know is that they came to the Watchers and agreed to further this cause with us. Her knowledge of cartography and maps has been quite helpful. He also holds knowledge of many cultures and language arts."
    Rebecca: "Well I don't like it and don't trust them one bit!"
    Ramirez: "I would recommend we welcome their help, offer them sanctuary and watch them with caution! Seems better to keep our eyes on them close instead of from afar."
    [Rebecca considers this tactic with scornful distaste.]


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      [Legacy's Edge]

      [The main door of an art gallery foyer unlocks and opens to reveal its stunning Spanish curator. She moves with the stride of a woman determined to secure a new life in spite of her circumstances. Her leather boots resonate like thunder off the marble floors and echo off the framed and cased masterpieces that surround her. Suddenly those boots stop in silence as the whirlwind of the Quickening floods her mind with the presence of another stepping out from the distant shadows.]

      Rebecca: "Hello Tess."
      Sofia: "Methos was the last to call me by that name and your voice would be the last I wish to hear it from! The name is Sofia now."
      Rebecca: "Apologies... Sofia."
      Sofia: "So I wasn't the only one to awaken from our little trio. Of course this twisted universe brings me YOU instead of my Methos! I should have assumed it would do as much... ever the cruelest!"
      Rebecca: "How many others have you encountered?"
      Sofia: "Only two... and Axel won't be stalking me again or any other woman for that matter!"
      Rebecca: "You did a service to us all with that stroke."
      Sofia: "I do not aim to serve YOU in anyway."
      [Rebecca steps forward with welcoming hands held out.]
      Rebecca: "I looked for you... searched for you after his dea..."
      Sofia: "DO NOT SPEAK OF IT!"
      [Rebecca bows her head and covers her mouth in sorrow as she begins to cry silently. Sofia's hands tremble as hot tears of anger stream down her face.]
      Sofia: "To lose Methos... OH GOD! He was a living work of art to me. You were the last thing I EVER wanted to see!"
      Rebecca: "Your disdain for me has never been a secret! I know you would have taken my head just to keep him to yourself."
      Sofia: "I would have taken a thousand heads if it meant keeping him!"
      Rebecca: "And yet YOU had him! My God, woman... held him!"
      Sofia: "HE WAS WITH ME, BUT HE CONSTANTLY THOUGHT OF YOU! Damn your BOND and elixirs!"
      [Rebecca's teary eyes are now fixed on her with an unapologetic gaze!]
      Rebecca: "Damn your jealousy, woman! We have no time for it now. Have you not felt the pull of the Quickening!?"
      Sofia: "Yes, I feel it and will suffer the pain of its resistance till I'm ready to meet a new fate! NOT this time!!!"
      Rebecca: "Oh, you stubborn girl! You have NO idea what's happening... what this world is about to SUFFER!!!"
      [Just then, Sofia's expression moves from heartbreak, anger, and pride to cautious curiosity and a hint of fear.]


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        [Legacy's Edge]

        [Joe has left the keys to the bar with Ramirez as he prepares for a flight to meet up with Rebecca and Sofia. Ramirez locks up the front and makes his way down to the street corner but hesitates at the sensation of another Immortal's presence. Just then an elegant woman rounds the corner with her eyes going straight to him. Her face is familiar to the centuries but new to Ramirez. Her stride is as constant as the confidence radiating from her.]
        "Well... hello there!"
        [His tone is flirtatious while his hands are cautious. One casually slips into his overcoat pocket, gripping his sword sheath underneath while the other sets on his lapel. Ever ready to draw his ivory masterpiece in a flash of steel.]
        Zhing Li: "Hello handsome!"
        [She sees his move and counters it with a soft hand on his chest, slowly dragging her fingers around his broad shoulders as she circles him, sizing him up as a potential opponent in the process.]
        Zhing Li: "You're quite broad and tall for a..."
        [She leans into his chest, clasping his sword hand with hers as she closes her eyes and smells him.]
        "Hmmm..... for an Egyptian! I knew it."
        Ramirez: "Very Good! Am I to assume this is a Chinese Treasure standing in front of me?"
        [She playfully withdraws with an illuminating smile.]
        Zhing Li: "It is! Though I definitely get more points for my deduction. Have you a name?"
        Ramirez: "I do indeed! Although I must insist the lady go first."
        [She pauses at his intentional diversion, but respects and rewards the smoothness in which he has performed it.]
        Zhing Li: "I am Zhing Li Tao of the Fu Province. Student of Kiem Sun."
        Ramirez: "I am Juan Sanchez Villalobos Ramirez of Egypt, once the chief metallurgist to King Charles the V of Spain!"
        [Her eyes widen and she steps back with her mouth covered! Then opens up with excitement.]
        Zhing Li: "You were Duncan's Sigong!!!"
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          [Legacy's Edge]

          [Rebecca meditates in the garden of the KEEP. She embraces its peacefulness while planning a course to replant it once they return to the surface. She's brought Sofia here to Germany to show her this place and offer her the choice they will all have to soon make. She knows Joe has flown in from Seacouver, but she doesn't know who has come with him.]

          Hatalyah: "Hello, Rebecca!"
          [Their smiles illuminate off each other as they embrace with tears of joy!]
          Hatalyah: "When I heard your name from the Watchers, I dared to hope it was actually you!"
          Rebecca: "I would have met you myself had I known!"
          Hatalyah: "One of Graham's students was sent for me. He definitely carries his teacher's charm."
          Rebecca: "That he does!"
          [Rebecca sits and takes in a deep breath!] "So... What have they told you?"
          Hatalyah: "Enough... I know what is upon us! Used my contacts to provide them with a rare scroll that has been steeped in Hinduism, Taoism and Hebrew prophecy predicting such an event! Another Immortal and I chased this artifact for many decades."
          Rebecca: "How long have you been... back?"
          Hatalyah: "Just over two years. How many of us are awakened now!?"
          Rebecca: "There have been eleven that the Watchers know of. Four killed so far and three of those within this year alone! The Quickening seems to not only replace a head for a head, but is also increasing its own numbers since the SOURCE himself... nine years ago."
          Hatalyah: "Is it true he's just a boy? Twenty or so?"
          Rebecca: "Quite! Son of an Immortal... product of the PRIZE or so I'm told."
          Hatalyah: "The Quickening and its mysterious gifts. Do you also have knowledge of technologies you've never seen before?"
          Rebecca: "Oh yes! We all seem to have inherited that gift."
          Hatalyah: "So a son of the Quickening you say? It always seems to be a damn boy, doesn't it? Why couldn't it have been a girl for a change?"
          [Rebecca scoffs and chuckles at the irony and frustration of it.]
          Rebecca: "Indeed!"
          [Hatalyah takes Rebecca's hand and turns to look over the KEEP together.]
          Hatalyah: "For the duration of whatever this stay may become, this place better have a WELL stocked cellar for the after party!"
          [Rebecca's smile ignites with the comfort and optimism of Hatalyah's spirit! Her head quickly turns to Rebecca...]
          Hatalyah: "Oh..and I'm definitely bringing my makeup!"
          [They smile together.]
          Rebecca: "Absolutely to both!"


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            [Legacy's Edge]

            Ramirez: "What have you ladies discovered from Hatalyah's scroll?"
            Felicia: "Well, the scroll definitely predates the Zhou Dynasty! Although testing on the surface silk shows that it was made later than the parchment."
            Zhing Li: "Closer to the Sui Dynasty, which means it was refinished and probably updated around 600 AD."
            Felicia: "I can also tell you that it's not just a scroll... It's a puzzle map!"
            Zhing Li: "These glyphs are an ancient writing system that utilizes Hindu and Chinese character types. They serve as latitude and longitude points with tiles marked by Mayan style mathematics. These can also shift to identify different polarity lines."
            Ramirez: "Many religions, prophets and scholars have predicted a great fire from the sky as the next purge of man after the Great Flood. From the promise of Noah's Rainbow all the way up to Nostradamus."
            Felicia: "It definitely appears that way now!"
            Zhing Li: "When I was a child there was a legend of a great comet that brought power to a nation of fire who destroyed the world to rebuild it in iron. This scroll tells of that legend and speaks of the comet's return."
            Felicia: "I believe by its design that this could be used to calculate the precise location where the meteor will strike!"
            Ramirez: "So the pieces are coming together...."
            Zhing Li: "...and the countdown begins!"
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              [Legacy's Edge]

              Sofia: "This is your solution? This is your DAMN answer!? We have just awakened to new lives and you want us to bury ourselves for centuries of sleep! All this for some kid!?"
              Rebecca: "He is the SOURCE of our awakenings... He is the key to us all! We woke after him and we all hold different knowledge of history and cultures spanning the centuries. Knowledge he hasn't acquired! What would you rather do? Face the destruction and multiple deaths you would suffer... if your body could even sustain them intact!? You are too valuable... You are too IMPORTANT to lose!"
              [Sofia goes silent at the sincerity and passion of Rebecca's words.]
              Joe: "You see all these archives around you. I, and all these records of time will be gone. You will remain! You are a living archive, a treasure of time. You've seen and touched art that I could only dream of seeing! We need you... we need you bad! The FUTURE needs you!"
              [Sofia takes a deep breath and runs her hands through her hair as she analyses it all in her head, depicting its elements like a painting in her mind.]
              Sofia: "Okay... who's in the vault with us? Who else has been awakened?"
              Rebecca: "Here's where it gets interesting!"