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    [Legacy's Edge]
    Ramirez: "So there's a problem with our two new arrivals?"
    Rebecca: "QUITE! Felicia has no business with us, in any fashion! She's a murderer and a liar!"
    Ramirez: "By means of the Game, or..."
    Rebecca: "By means of killing the family of one of my students! You weren't the only one broken who has required my healing over the years."
    Ramirez: "Are you sure it was her?"
    Rebecca: "Sure enough! Which leads to the question as to what we know of this Kortan? All I've ever heard of him was from my Amanda and it sounded as if he was as conniving and deceptive as she could be! Even the Watcher files have little on him."
    Ramirez: "All I know is that they came to the Watchers and agreed to further this cause with us. Her knowledge of cartography and maps has been quite helpful. He also holds knowledge of many cultures and language arts."
    Rebecca: "Well I don't like it and don't trust them one bit!"
    Ramirez: "I would recommend we welcome their help, offer them sanctuary and watch them with caution! Seems better to keep our eyes on them close instead of from afar."
    [Rebecca considers this tactic with scornful distaste.]


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      [Legacy's Edge]

      [The main door of an art gallery foyer unlocks and opens to reveal its stunning Spanish curator. She moves with the stride of a woman determined to secure a new life in spite of her circumstances. Her leather boots resonate like thunder off the marble floors and echo off the framed and cased masterpieces that surround her. Suddenly those boots stop in silence as the whirlwind of the Quickening floods her mind with the presence of another stepping out from the distant shadows.]

      Rebecca: "Hello Tess."
      Sofia: "Methos was the last to call me by that name and your voice would be the last I wish to hear it from! The name is Sofia now."
      Rebecca: "Apologies... Sofia."
      Sofia: "So I wasn't the only one to awaken from our little trio. Of course this twisted universe brings me YOU instead of my Methos! I should have assumed it would do as much... ever the cruelest!"
      Rebecca: "How many others have you encountered?"
      Sofia: "Only two... and Axel won't be stalking me again or any other woman for that matter!"
      Rebecca: "You did a service to us all with that stroke."
      Sofia: "I do not aim to serve YOU in anyway."
      [Rebecca steps forward with welcoming hands held out.]
      Rebecca: "I looked for you... searched for you after his dea..."
      Sofia: "DO NOT SPEAK OF IT!"
      [Rebecca bows her head and covers her mouth in sorrow as she begins to cry silently. Sofia's hands tremble as hot tears of anger stream down her face.]
      Sofia: "To lose Methos... OH GOD! He was a living work of art to me. You were the last thing I EVER wanted to see!"
      Rebecca: "Your disdain for me has never been a secret! I know you would have taken my head just to keep him to yourself."
      Sofia: "I would have taken a thousand heads if it meant keeping him!"
      Rebecca: "And yet YOU had him! My God, woman... held him!"
      Sofia: "HE WAS WITH ME, BUT HE CONSTANTLY THOUGHT OF YOU! Damn your BOND and elixirs!"
      [Rebecca's teary eyes are now fixed on her with an unapologetic gaze!]
      Rebecca: "Damn your jealousy, woman! We have no time for it now. Have you not felt the pull of the Quickening!?"
      Sofia: "Yes, I feel it and will suffer the pain of its resistance till I'm ready to meet a new fate! NOT this time!!!"
      Rebecca: "Oh, you stubborn girl! You have NO idea what's happening... what this world is about to SUFFER!!!"
      [Just then, Sofia's expression moves from heartbreak, anger, and pride to cautious curiosity and a hint of fear.]


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        [Legacy's Edge]

        [Joe has left the keys to the bar with Ramirez as he prepares for a flight to meet up with Rebecca and Sofia. Ramirez locks up the front and makes his way down to the street corner but hesitates at the sensation of another Immortal's presence. Just then an elegant woman rounds the corner with her eyes going straight to him. Her face is familiar to the centuries but new to Ramirez. Her stride is as constant as the confidence radiating from her.]
        "Well... hello there!"
        [His tone is flirtatious while his hands are cautious. One casually slips into his overcoat pocket, gripping his sword sheath underneath while the other sets on his lapel. Ever ready to draw his ivory masterpiece in a flash of steel.]
        Zhing Li: "Hello handsome!"
        [She sees his move and counters it with a soft hand on his chest, slowly dragging her fingers around his broad shoulders as she circles him, sizing him up as a potential opponent in the process.]
        Zhing Li: "You're quite broad and tall for a..."
        [She leans into his chest, clasping his sword hand with hers as she closes her eyes and smells him.]
        "Hmmm..... for an Egyptian! I knew it."
        Ramirez: "Very Good! Am I to assume this is a Chinese Treasure standing in front of me?"
        [She playfully withdraws with an illuminating smile.]
        Zhing Li: "It is! Though I definitely get more points for my deduction. Have you a name?"
        Ramirez: "I do indeed! Although I must insist the lady go first."
        [She pauses at his intentional diversion, but respects and rewards the smoothness in which he has performed it.]
        Zhing Li: "I am Zhing Li Tao of the Fu Province. Student of Kiem Sun."
        Ramirez: "I am Juan Sanchez Villalobos Ramirez of Egypt, once the chief metallurgist to King Charles the V of Spain!"
        [Her eyes widen and she steps back with her mouth covered! Then opens up with excitement.]
        Zhing Li: "You were Duncan's Sigong!!!"
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          [Legacy's Edge]

          [Rebecca meditates in the garden of the KEEP. She embraces its peacefulness while planning a course to replant it once they return to the surface. She's brought Sofia here to Germany to show her this place and offer her the choice they will all have to soon make. She knows Joe has flown in from Seacouver, but she doesn't know who has come with him.]

          Hatalyah: "Hello, Rebecca!"
          [Their smiles illuminate off each other as they embrace with tears of joy!]
          Hatalyah: "When I heard your name from the Watchers, I dared to hope it was actually you!"
          Rebecca: "I would have met you myself had I known!"
          Hatalyah: "One of Graham's students was sent for me. He definitely carries his teacher's charm."
          Rebecca: "That he does!"
          [Rebecca sits and takes in a deep breath!] "So... What have they told you?"
          Hatalyah: "Enough... I know what is upon us! Used my contacts to provide them with a rare scroll that has been steeped in Hinduism, Taoism and Hebrew prophecy predicting such an event! Another Immortal and I chased this artifact for many decades."
          Rebecca: "How long have you been... back?"
          Hatalyah: "Just over two years. How many of us are awakened now!?"
          Rebecca: "There have been eleven that the Watchers know of. Four killed so far and three of those within this year alone! The Quickening seems to not only replace a head for a head, but is also increasing its own numbers since the SOURCE himself... nine years ago."
          Hatalyah: "Is it true he's just a boy? Twenty or so?"
          Rebecca: "Quite! Son of an Immortal... product of the PRIZE or so I'm told."
          Hatalyah: "The Quickening and its mysterious gifts. Do you also have knowledge of technologies you've never seen before?"
          Rebecca: "Oh yes! We all seem to have inherited that gift."
          Hatalyah: "So a son of the Quickening you say? It always seems to be a damn boy, doesn't it? Why couldn't it have been a girl for a change?"
          [Rebecca scoffs and chuckles at the irony and frustration of it.]
          Rebecca: "Indeed!"
          [Hatalyah takes Rebecca's hand and turns to look over the KEEP together.]
          Hatalyah: "For the duration of whatever this stay may become, this place better have a WELL stocked cellar for the after party!"
          [Rebecca's smile ignites with the comfort and optimism of Hatalyah's spirit! Her head quickly turns to Rebecca...]
          Hatalyah: "Oh..and I'm definitely bringing my makeup!"
          [They smile together.]
          Rebecca: "Absolutely to both!"


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            [Legacy's Edge]

            Ramirez: "What have you ladies discovered from Hatalyah's scroll?"
            Felicia: "Well, the scroll definitely predates the Zhou Dynasty! Although testing on the surface silk shows that it was made later than the parchment."
            Zhing Li: "Closer to the Sui Dynasty, which means it was refinished and probably updated around 600 AD."
            Felicia: "I can also tell you that it's not just a scroll... It's a puzzle map!"
            Zhing Li: "These glyphs are an ancient writing system that utilizes Hindu and Chinese character types. They serve as latitude and longitude points with tiles marked by Mayan style mathematics. These can also shift to identify different polarity lines."
            Ramirez: "Many religions, prophets and scholars have predicted a great fire from the sky as the next purge of man after the Great Flood. From the promise of Noah's Rainbow all the way up to Nostradamus."
            Felicia: "It definitely appears that way now!"
            Zhing Li: "When I was a child there was a legend of a great comet that brought power to a nation of fire who destroyed the world to rebuild it in iron. This scroll tells of that legend and speaks of the comet's return."
            Felicia: "I believe by its design that this could be used to calculate the precise location where the meteor will strike!"
            Ramirez: "So the pieces are coming together...."
            Zhing Li: "...and the countdown begins!"
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              [Legacy's Edge]

              Sofia: "This is your solution? This is your DAMN answer!? We have just awakened to new lives and you want us to bury ourselves for centuries of sleep! All this for some kid!?"
              Rebecca: "He is the SOURCE of our awakenings... He is the key to us all! We woke after him and we all hold different knowledge of history and cultures spanning the centuries. Knowledge he hasn't acquired! What would you rather do? Face the destruction and multiple deaths you would suffer... if your body could even sustain them intact!? You are too valuable... You are too IMPORTANT to lose!"
              [Sofia goes silent at the sincerity and passion of Rebecca's words.]
              Joe: "You see all these archives around you. I, and all these records of time will be gone. You will remain! You are a living archive, a treasure of time. You've seen and touched art that I could only dream of seeing! We need you... we need you bad! The FUTURE needs you!"
              [Sofia takes a deep breath and runs her hands through her hair as she analyses it all in her head, depicting its elements like a painting in her mind.]
              Sofia: "Okay... who's in the vault with us? Who else has been awakened?"
              Rebecca: "Here's where it gets interesting!"


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                [Legacies Edge]
                [Quentin and Kay have returned from the getaway and back into their routine lives. He's in the shop doing some road maintenance on the Porsche when he suddenly feels the presence of another.]
                Quentin: "Hey! Did you guys find Axel?"
                Ramirez: "Oh... he's been found and dealt with. Are we alone?"
                Quentin: "What's happened?"
                Ramirez: "ARE WE ALONE?"
                Quentin: "Aye! Kay's at band."
                [Ramirez pauses and sits at a tool bench, then speaks in a voice of icy calm.]
                Ramirez: "The GAME has changed and there isn't much time! An impending doom approaches Earth and we are the last hope of humankind. A meteor is on a trajectory calculated to strike Earth in less than 60 days. It was discovered by Watcher Astrologers just before you left. Governments of the world are being notified as we speak."
                [Quentin goes cold into shock that quickly turns into anger!]
                Quentin: "I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS!!!"
                Ramirez: "None of us ASKED for it, nor half of the tragedies our endless lives have forced us to endure! Our circumstance has a living purpose... NOW! Not just a driven killing game, but a chance to preserve VIRTUE and knowledge. A way has been prepared for us to do so, far from here."
                Quentin: "And what of the people... What of Kay!?"
                Ramirez: "Do I really have to answer that question?"
                [Quentin's anger turns into RAGE as he begins turning over tool racks in a feat of supernatural strength that leaves the air charged with the Quickening.]
                Ramirez: "ENOUGH! We are princes of the universe, dear boy! And the weight of this crown is upon us whether we like it or not. We must bear it together!"
                [Quentin drops to his knees and SCREAMS out into the night.]


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                  [Legacy's Edge]

                  Joe: "So... you know."
                  [Quentin takes a breath and pauses at the thought of it.]
                  Quentin: "We know."
                  Joe: "How did she take the news?"
                  Quentin: "Better than I did. Told you she was strong."
                  Joe: "I know she's strong. We're arranging for everyone to be moved to the KEEP before the global news of it breaks."
                  Quentin: "How big are these vaults?"
                  [He knows what Quentin is getting at and goes straight to the point.]
                  Joe: "Big enough for two. Rebecca and Nakano are working on a special brew of this elixir for Kay. She'll sleep like the rest of you, but you know she'll never wake up."
                  [Joe pauses to think of a delicate way to put it.]
                  Joe: "It will have preservation effects on her, and they have a spot picked for her in the garden."
                  [Quentin silently nods his bowed head with a coarse look on his face.]
                  Quentin: "What will you do?"
                  Joe: "Oh... me and Dr. Alex are gonna have a lot of drinks, play some tunes, make some love and see it out together!"
                  [Quentin begins to cry as Joe steps up and hugs him.]
                  Joe: "Hey... I've known a few MacLeods in my day, but you're the future, kid! So do right by all of us and make it a bitchin' one! You're in DAMN GOOD company."
                  [Quentin nods his head as Joe gives him the ol' Quarterback slap on the shoulder.]
                  Joe: "Speaking of which I've got to hop on another plane! There's been an awakening in New York and this one was mine during the final FOUR."


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                    [Legacy's Edge]
                    Hatalyah: "OH.. MY... GOD!"
                    Kastagir: "You two didn't really think you were gonna have this party without me, did you?"
                    [They both felt the presence, but Rebecca turns in sheer joy and disbelief when she hears his voice. Hatalyah screams as she runs into his arms with an embrace for the ages!]
                    Kastagir: "You both have me at a disadvantage! I haven't even seen this guest list yet."
                    Rebecca: "Well you're definitely crashing it! My, my, my!"
                    [Hatalyah straightens his suit jacket while he raises his arms as if being at a custom tailor.]
                    Kastagir: "This feels familiar."
                    Hatalyah: "Let's see! Do you mean the night of the banquet at Tahj De'mont?"
                    [Rebecca begins laughing uncontrollably through her tears of joy!]
                    Kastagir: "Oh yes! You tailored our ceremonial gowns for the night. Though I must say Rebecca's looked far more lavish than mine!"
                    [Rebecca blushes with an embarrassed smile as she shakes her head NO!]
                    Kastagir: "When was that exactly... 1752?"
                    Hatalyah: "Nooo! It was 1748 and you got us all drunk and ruined those gowns!"
                    Kastagir: "I seem to remember us all being quite drunk and naked in the grand fount-"
                    Rebecca: "Don't you say another word!!!"
                    [The warmth and joy of his guilty smile just melts her to the core.]
                    Kastagir: "I must confess that the 1700's were definitely my party years!"
                    Rebecca: "Oh, I seriously doubt you limited those to one century."
                    Hatalyah: "At least I didn't have to get blood and mud out of those gowns like that mess you and Connor got those tailored suits into at the Boston Common!"
                    Rebecca: "Oh good lord!"
                    Kastagir: "Yesss! His famous duel. He and I were just talk-"
                    [Rebecca sees his face drop as he realizes it wasn't just yesterday that he and MacLeod were together, it was 27 years ago and MacLeod was gone now. Hatalyah presses his hand against her cheek, simply nodding her head and letting him know it's okay with her sweet gesture.]
                    Rebecca: "Are you ready to see their wine cellar here?"
                    [Kastagir's smile returns as he slides between the two of them.]
                    Kastagir: "Ladies... lead the way!"


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                      [Legacy's Edge]
                      p28. 1-2

                      Joe: "The world knows... and now it's CHAOS as we predicted! Airlines are grounding in two days, so we have a private charter that you'll be flown over on with some VIP's of the organization."
                      Ramirez: "Any loose ends on our part?"
                      Joe: "Every awakened Immortal that we're aware of has been accounted for... living or deceased. Quentin and Kay were flown over this morning with the rest of the vault archives."
                      Ramirez: "Their spirits and determination were holding well the last I saw them."
                      Joe: "You've been invaluable to us, Juan! He's all yours now... teach him well."
                      Ramirez: "Then this is farewell for us both, I...."
                      [Ramirez pauses at the surprise of the sensation of another Immortal.]
                      Ramirez: "Not all accounted for!"
                      Joe: "WHAT!?"
                      Ramirez: "There is another here with us... Look!"
                      [Joe turns around to the shock of a well-known face from the archives.]
                      Joe: "Holy shh... Darius!"

                      To be continued....


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                        [Legacy's Edge]
                        p28. 2-2

                        Joe: "Father Dariu..."
                        Darius: "Not at the moment. You see, I was murdered on Holy Ground, by your people no less!"
                        Joe: "His name was James Horton and he led a fanatical group of rogue killers. They DID NOT represent the Watchers or what we stand for! Your death was mourned by Immortals and Watchers alike."
                        Darius: "I've done my own watching since I awoke. First was the pain! Like being born again through lightning. Then the confusion and doubt of it all. No pearly gates or Saint Peter waiting for me... Just darkness, then the light! It was like a split second and an eternity all at once."
                        [He looks over to Ramirez.]
                        Darius: "Wouldn't you agree?"
                        [Ramirez silently nods his head.]
                        Darius: "So you'll understand my hesitation in donning the cloth again, nor the desire not to be recognized in it during these recent years. Easier to navigate around Watcher eyes that way!"
                        Joe: "How long have you been awake?"
                        Darius: "Long enough to have watched and studied your people. Long enough to know that you now work with Immortals instead of hunting us, and that your cause is JUST! This fate has been foretold for centuries. Nostradamus himself used to tell me of it during our private studies. Strategy would suggest you're moving us. May I inquire as to where exactly?"
                        [Joe hands him a Watcher file to see the details for himself.]
                        Darius: "You've found and refortified the KEEP! I conquered this site in..."
                        Joe: " the 7th Century! Your military campaigns and strategies were required studies during my recruitment years."
                        [Darius glances at Joe and Ramirez with the smirk of an impressed schoolteacher as he looks over the KEEP details.]
                        Ramirez: "We are at your service. But time is short. We must MOVE!"
                        [Darius winks at Ramirez as he hands the file back to Joe with a hand shake.]
                        Darius: "Then a game of blitz chess it is! Let us go together."


                        Rebecca: "Ramirez and the others are on their way back, but I'm going to need your help soon!"
                        Hatalyah: "How exactly?"
                        Rebecca: "You worked with Quentin's father in the antiquity business and the black market surrounding it back then. How are your sleight of hand skills?"
                        Hatalyah: "Pretty good, but Connor was a talented lifter! We taught each other a thing or two."
                        Rebecca: "Is it true you helped raise his daughter in the 1950's and 60's?"
                        [Hatalyah smiles at the memory of that time.]
                        Hatalyah: "Yes... Rachel! He found her during World War II and I found him working some trade scheme between Bengal and Prague in 1947. We became business partners and..."
                        Rebecca: "...Just business?"
                        [Hatalyah leans back with a smile and a sigh as she remembers and blushes slightly.]
                        Hatalyah: "There were benefits, but we kept it professional and strictly friends around Rachel. She was so sweet and special!"
                        [Hatalyah's smile softly drops.]
                        "She wanted us to be together, but Connor and I had our... reservations! It takes its toll on you both when you've buried more than you have actually loved."
                        Rebecca: "I understand!"
                        Hatalyah: "So tell me, what am I lifting!?"
                        Rebecca: "When the first of us arrived here, we were given three master keys to the vaults. One of us does not need a master, nor is trusted with one... so I need you to swap it without notice! The timing must be impeccable because I need you to do this the night of the elixir, just before we go under. This will take preparation and observation."
                        [Hatalyah rolls her eyes and scoffs softly.]
                        Hatalyah: "Oh... so NO pressure at all then? Just like Connor and his ploys."

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                          [Legacy's Edge]
                          [Hatalyah sifts through Watcher files in the main gallery when she hears footsteps approaching from down the hall. What alarms her is that she feels no Immortal presence and is unaware of any Watcher arrivals. Just then Kay steps into the vast and ornate room of the main gallery.]
                          Hatalyah: "Oh you brave and beautiful girl! You've joined us indeed. Come in!"
                          [Kay is actually startled by the love in Hatalyah's voice and spirit! Like a distant parent embracing a long-lost child.]
                          Hatalyah: "Are you hungry?
                          [Kay shakes her head no with a slight smirk as Hatalyah goes on about it.]
                          Hatalyah: "You must be, after that flight over here! Oh my God... it's so long. Plane food is terrible!"
                          Kay: "No, no. I'm cool, thanks! Honestly, this whole thing is overwhelming. I..."
                          [Hatalyah hugs her unexpectedly as she pauses in the vastness of her thoughts. Just then, Kay whispers the question that has been weighing on her the most.]
                          Kay: "How will it work on me?"
                          [Hatalyah pulls back with a look of heartbreak and confusion.]
                          Kay: "They explained the process, but will I decay in there with him!?
                          [She chokes up at the thought.] Will he see me...?"
                          [Hatalyah shakes her head as tears run down both of their faces.]
                          Hatalyah: "NO! The elixir will preserve your body while he sleeps. We will remove you after the first cycle."
                          [Kay nods her bowed head in acknowledgment.]
                          Hatalyah: "You'll be kept below until conditions on the surface are right to move you to the garden grounds. You'll actually help establish our renewed Holy Ground here."
                          "He'll always be safe when he visits you."
                          [Kay takes a deep breath as they dry each other's tears.]
                          Hatalyah: "Now you have to come and see all of my STELLAR make-up collection, because I look like a hog mess!"
                          [She runs off with Kay into the north lodging.]


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                            [Legacy's Edge]

                            [Felicia and Sofia are packing up antique dishes in the east dining hall with the caution and precision of art dealers and archivists. Sofia hands a rare piece from Hungary to Felicia for a look when they both feel the presence of another Immortal and spot Ramirez walking through the main hall with a Watcher.
                            Sofia takes the plate back and is instantly frozen still at the sound of a distant, but familiar voice speaking an old latin name that was once hers.]

                            Darius: "Rosalie!?"

                            [The disbelief in his voice is followed by the deafening sound of that plate shattering at her feet. Sofia stands as frozen as a pillar of salt, formed from her own shock and disbelief! You could hear a pin drop in the haunting silence that follows.]


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                              [Legacy's Edge]

                              [The skies of Germany darken as the sun sets over the western mountains, leaving the KEEP illuminated like a gemstone in the night. Quentin and Kay hold each other out in the gardens while the Immortals assemble in the main gallery for a most unique gathering.]
                              Rebecca: "So here we are!"
                              Kortan: "Indeed!"
                              [He raises his glass as some of the others follow in a toast.]
                              Kortan: "To our awakening and the mystery of the Quickening."
                              Zhing Li: "The Game has most certainly changed."
                              Ramirez: "And now... we must too!"
                              Kastagir: "What do you propose?"
                              Hatalyah: "Oh, is this a proposal?"
                              [Kastagir smiles and blushes at her teasing as Hatalyah winks at him.]
                              Ramirez: "The Game we knew was for all purposes won in the end. We have been selected for something greater!"
                              Kortan: "Greater than the Prize?"
                              [Rebecca's eyes shoot straight to Kortan at the tone of that question. An unsettling silence follows.]
                              Nakano: "Aye! The hunger for the Prize still resides somewhere in all of us; but what good would it do any of us now? This isn't the time for it."
                              "I've had my own sins to account for and centuries of guilt to haunt me over them."
                              [Darius and Sofia silently look to each other with a gaze that holds for only a moment, but it feels like an eternity.]
                              Felicia: "This second chance seems to be an opportunity for me to prove that I could be worthy of the Prize... one day."
                              [She takes Kortan by the hand, looking up to him as she sits by his side.]
                              Felicia: "Isn't that the ultimate goal of the Prize, to eventually help others with it?"
                              Kortan: "Indeed. Hear, hear!"
                              [Although Rebecca has respect for Felicia's words, she still can't help her feeling of unease and suspicion as she studies them both.]
                              Kastagir: "Again I must ask: What is the plan?"
                              Rebecca: "Have you ever heard of a mystic order of Immortals known as the Jettators?"
                              [Darius speaks out in an ancient Hyborian language.]
                              Darius: [Cimmerian translated] "From the dawn of time we came..."
                              Nakano: [Cimmerian translated] "...before the oceans drank Atlantis..."
                              Kortan: [Cimmerian translated] "...we were among you!"
                              Kastagir: "You speak of the ancient ones."

                              To be continued...

                              [All the Immortals look to each other, intrigued.]
                              Kastagir: "You speak of the ancient ones."
                              Rebecca: "My teacher was one of them!"
                              Nakano: "As was mine."
                              Rebecca: "She spoke of a time before known history. A dark time of sword and sorcery."
                              [Nakano smiles at that statement.]
                              Ramirez: "The world was plunged into darkness by another cataclysmic event of their time."
                              Zhing Li: "Now I remember! I studied the elder scrolls under my teacher Kiem Sun. They spoke of the Awakened, of a Game from a time before ours. What if they were like us!?"
                              Ramirez: "There has been speculation that an Evil Immortal won the last Game and spun that age into darkness... an age even before Noah's Ark."
                              [Kortan grazes his fingers over Felicia's hair before they hold hands again.]
                              Kortan: "So the Quickening repeats itself!"
                              Hatalyah: "Just as time, nature and history often do."
                              Felicia: "Just as we are about to do!"
                              Nakano: "You see Kastagir... destiny can be diverted and death can be cheated, but time is constant. Unless you have our gift of Immortality and a key to utilize it."
                              Rebecca: "The Petda'v Elixir is our Key!"
                              Kastagir: "Like a mortal in a coma... You plan to sleep through the generations. How do we know others won't awaken beyond these wall's?"
                              Ramirez: "We DON'T! All we know is Quentin MacLeod is the Source of our awakenings and he must be protected, trained and prepared for the passage of knowledge."
                              [Kortan and Felicia's hands tighten together at those words.]
                              Hatalyah: "And what of the Game?"
                              Ramirez: "We do as the ancient ones did before us, we take the oath of the Jettators between ourselves. We defend the KEEP and each other, but we stay our own hands and heads of the sword and the Quickening."
                              Kastagir: "How long do we have till calculated impact?"
                              [Felicia and Zhing Li look to each other and answer simultaneously.]
                              "19 days!"
                              Hatalyah: "How many of our Elixirs are ready?"
                              Rebecca: "Seven! I need five more days."
                              Ramirez: "Then we will commune as Jettators in the dining hall seven nights from now. Prepare yourselves for the sleep!"

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                                [Legacy's Edge]

                                [As everyone prepares their own vaults for the sleep ahead, Rebecca finds herself alone with Sofia in the east hall. She's heard the whispers and knows there's an unspoken history between Sofia and Darius. Not just the way they look at each other, but the relentless tension in the air between them could spark its own Quickening! Like a waltz between ghosts, unable to touch.

                                Rebecca: "So Darius has been hiding this whole time? They say he was the second of us to awaken."
                                [Sofia tenses up at his name, but continues to pack with deceptive calm.]
                                Sofia: "I suppose he's good at it. He's had centuries of practice!"
                                Rebecca: "Only a few of us knew of him and his location. He was a comfort for some and a sanctuary for others over the centuries. I've healed many of the broken in my time, but he was one of the few places I could go for my own rest and recovery."
                                [She pauses and looks over to Sofia.]
                                Rebecca: "Something's happened to him since. He doesn't answer to the title of Father anymore. He's changed with the awakening!"
                                [Sofia laughs slightly and scoffs at those words.]
                                Sofia: "Wouldn't be the first time."
                                Rebecca: "I see... you did know him before all of it!"
                                [She senses Sofia opening up and skillfully fuels this with a simple gesture. She positions herself in a submissive pose by sitting next to Sofia who still stands. Putting herself beneath Sofia as an attentive student to a teacher.]
                                Rebecca: "His early life was really a mystery to us all. May I ask what he was like before the church?"
                                [Sofia pauses and takes in a long breath, looking out in a gaze as if peering into time.]
                                Sofia: "He was like a god... or the closest thing I had ever seen to one! A warlord, a commander of legions, a strategist and a conqueror. A warrior that could not be killed in combat. He was a force of nature!"
                                [Knowing the nature of such men and having slaughtered her own personal share of tyrants, Rebecca doesn't ask the next question on her mind. However, Sofia's intuition and need of release answers it freely as her fixed eyes run with tears.]
                                Sofia: "I was his spoils and slave at first..."
                                [Rebecca admires her courage and honesty.]
                                Rebecca: "Take your time..."
                                Sofia: "...I actually took my own life as the first of my deaths."
                                [Rebecca's throat goes dry as tears begin to run down her own face with a cold chill.]
                                Sofia: "He found me and held me differently that night. Told me I was chosen from the others because I was like him... an Immortal! He taught me of our kind, trained me in secret. I had never held a sword before! Women weren't allowed to train or fight in my homeland. He schooled me in weaponry and art, sharpened me in tactics... he loved me with passion!"
                                [Rebecca holds one of her hands gently as Sofia's gaze into the past holds through the tears.]
                                Sofia: "He returned one morning from facing another of our kind and he was... different! He knelt before me, handed me his own sword and said I was free."
                                [She begins trembling at her own words.]
                                "Do you know what it is to have such a man kneel before you and offer his life as a penance!?"
                                [Rebecca begins silently nodding her head as she understands now.]
                                Sofia: "I was confused and scared! This wasn't my Darius, my Conqueror... my Lover.
                                "They say Dark and Spiritual Quickenings were a myth of our kind, but a myth definitely took my Darius from me! He left me soon after and disappeared into his own religious quest for penance or... whatever."
                                Rebecca: "He couldn't face you or his own life anymore, could he?"
                                Sofia: "I never saw my Darius again..."
                                [She quickly turns to Rebecca who is now standing next to her.]
                                "... not until three days ago! His voice, his eyes, the way he looks at me again. I..."
                                [her expression turns into hesitation and confusion.]
                                Rebecca: "Don't waste this! Calculate it, weigh it for what it's worth... but DON'T waste it! Some of us will never get a second chance to see or hold our men again... you know this!"
                                [These two Immortal women embrace for the first time in over a century of personal pain, heartbreak and anger.]


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                                  [Legacy's Edge]

                                  [Quentin stands at the north wall overlooking the majesty of the forest before him, waiting for Kay to return. He holds her blanket, trying to memorize the smell of her from it. They usually spend their mornings out here wrapped up together, watching the sunrise over the trees. Kay's dose of the elixir is the final one to be prepared and she's been inside with Rebecca all morning.]

                                  Kay: "Hey down there!"
                                  [Quentin turns to see her standing like a fading dream in the morning mist.]
                                  "The elixirs are done."
                                  Quentin: "I thought she needed two more days?"
                                  [Kay takes a moment just to look at him, and then takes a breath before answering.]
                                  Kay: "I'm not taking one!"
                                  [Quentin freezes at the shock of those words.]
                                  Quentin: "What!?"
                                  Kay: "I'm not taking it, Quince! I know it will preserve my body... but I'm not gonna lie there next to you like a lifeless doll."
                                  [She clears her throat as she starts shaking her head.]
                                  "I can't do it!"
                                  [Quentin just stands there silent in the mist.]
                                  Kay: "Just gonna stand there... not say anything?"
                                  Quentin: "What do you want..."
                                  Kay: "FINE!"
                                  Quentin: "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY!? Do you think I'm okay with this... with ANY of it!? To be told that I'm the KEY to a future that you'll never see!"
                                  [A single stern tear rolls down her cheek, but she holds his gaze.]
                                  Kay: "You're a bastard! You're a beautiful bastard and I love every inch of you, but I can't die in that vault with you! I'm staying awake with the Watchers. We have supplies and resources to live here for decades. TO WATCH OVER YOU!"
                                  Quentin: "If the atmosphere holds!"
                                  [Kay slowly nods her head, knowing he's right and hating it!]
                                  Kay: "Then I'll face my fate like the rest... not hide from it!"
                                  [He drops his head in worry and doubt. She walks down the stairs to him and holds his hands under the blanket.]
                                  Kay: "There's one more thing. I don't want to be buried here."
                                  [Now he looks straight into her eyes with absolute confusion.]
                                  Kay: "There are enough Watchers here to establish a garden cemetery and Holy Ground for you all, but I don't want to be in there."
                                  [She puts her arms around his neck and pulls him in.]
                                  Kay: "When you need me, when you look to my memory, you don't look to a hole in the ground or a grave marker, okay!"
                                  [Now they both begin to cry together.]
                                  Kay: "When you wake up... you scatter my ashes to a strong north wind and look for me in the horizon. You look for me in our sunset! Do you hear me?"
                                  [Their tears merge as her lips finds his and hold the moment.]


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                                    [Legacy's Edge]

                                    [Quentin and Kay have just watched their last sunset together at the west wall of the KEEP. The Immortals inside have taken the Jettator's oath and drank their elixirs together, witnessed by the Watchers present. Zhing Li comes out on the terrace with Ramirez, carrying a beautiful antique tea set. This particular set was given to her by her Sifu; Kiem Sun. It was a gift to him from Duncan MacLeod in the 1700s. Zhing Li and Duncan engaged in a secret romance that Kiem Sun was actually aware of, and he had gifted her with the tea set as a sign of his blessing. She and Duncan have enjoyed this set over the centuries together. So she thought it would be fitting for Quentin to use it on this occasion as the new generation of MacLeods.]

                                    Ramirez: "It is time!"
                                    [Kay and Quentin take a deep breath simultaneously as she steps behind him and holds him around his waist. Zhing Li does the honor and pours the elixir in ceremonial fashion. Quentin reaches for the cup as Ramirez quickly speaks up.]
                                    Ramirez: "Understand, this is a powerful elixir! You will feel an intoxicated sensation with various emotions running through you."
                                    Quentin: "How do you know this?"
                                    Ramirez: "Because we're all feeling it right now! Plus, this isn't the first time I've taken it."
                                    [Those words prompt even Zhing Li to look up at Ramirez with curious eyes.]
                                    Ramirez: "Once you take it, black out will occur in about forty-five minutes. So, I would suggest you be safely in your vault in about thirty!"
                                    [Kay turns her head and leans it against Quentin's back, looking out into the darkness as if it was the future. Her eyes wince and tears run as she feels him drink it. Ramirez takes the serving tray with one arm and Zhing Li's arm under his other as a gentleman.]
                                    Zhing Li: "We shall join the others inside and leave you both to the moment."
                                    [Quentin bows his head as a salute to them both, then turns and holds Kay, tighter than he's ever held her.]


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                                      [Legacy's Edge]

                                      [Darius descends the stairwell that leads to the vaults with a cautious step and speed. He can feel the elixir coursing through him and the intoxication of it is quite exquisite. As he approaches a sub chamber floor he can smell a candle burning and hears a whisper... but only one voice. He slowly steps into the doorway to see who is there, then suddenly steps back into the stairwell! His heart is racing as Sofia speaks out to him in an old Latin dialect.]
                                      Sofia: "Will you ignore me forever?"
                                      [They speak the Latin dialect together]
                                      Darius: "That would be impossible!"
                                      [He holds his position against the wall and simply speaks around the corner to her. Just the glimpse of her was enough as his hands and voice continue to tremble.]
                                      Sofia: "You must despise me!"
                                      [He shakes his bowed head as he rings his hands.]
                                      Darius: "It wasn't you that I despised, it was myself! I shouldn't have..."
                                      Sofia: "Did you think of me?" [Her tone is stern as her voice rises] "In your solitude did you THINK OF ME!?"
                                      [Her tone sends a feverish rush through him and he nods his head with tears running down his face.]
                                      Darius: "Every time I held my queen piece!"
                                      [Her mouth trembles as her own tears begin to run. Remembering the days and nights of chess together! A time when the world was slower... a time it shall soon see again.]
                                      Sofia: "You OWE me this..."
                                      [Darius looks over his shoulder into that room with confusion and intrigue as the elixir rushes through both of them.]
                                      Sofia: "You owe me this night!"
                                      [He slowly nods his head with a repressed grin as he realizes she is speaking his own words back to him. It was his command of her... for her body. She stands forcefully from the table as the chair slides across the stone floor.]
                                      Sofia: "I wish to see my conqueror's face!"
                                      [Her bare feet storm across the floor as Darius emerges into the candle light with a countenance that sends shudders through her! He picks Sofia up and spins her to the wall, holding her lips at bay as he whispers into them. His words skim over those lips as she trembles, denying her the kiss.]
                                      Darius: "Well played... WELL played!"
                                      Sofia: "I just, I...."
                                      Darius: "Shhhhhhhh! Did I think of you? OH YES! I thought of you. Haunting me for centuries! You were the last woman I ever held."
                                      [Those words spark her lips into his with a kiss that burns away the centuries between them. It is an old lust, a repressed hunger colliding with a raw passion for each other. Their hot tears are smothered with the violence of this kiss! The hunger is great, but the time is short.]
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                                        [Legacy's Edge]

                                        [Hatalyah walks into a side chamber where Rebecca and Ramirez wait for her. She hands Kortan's master key over to Rebecca.]
                                        Hatalyah: "It is done!"
                                        [Rebecca silently nods to her.]
                                        Ramirez: "Ok then, we watch those two in the future to come."
                                        Hatalyah: "Is Kay with..."
                                        Rebecca: "She is seeing Quentin to sleep, then she will be joining the Watchers."
                                        Ramirez: "She will hold the key to Quentin's vault till her time comes, then I will take possession of it at first awakening."
                                        Hatalyah: "When is that, exactly?"
                                        Ramirez: "Well it's not exact..."
                                        Rebecca: "I have diluted his dose more than the others. Should wear off in about forty to fifty years."
                                        Ramirez: "So I can check on the conditions as well as on Kay and the Watchers."
                                        [Hatalyah tears up at the thought of their fate together.]
                                        Hatalyah: "Strong, brave girl."
                                        Rebecca: "I could have conquered a hundred KEEPs with the likes of her at my side!"
                                        [Ramirez nods his head at that thought.]
                                        Ramirez: "The Watchers are stocked, equipped and prepared for the beginning of a new Dark Age and the end of theirs... God Speed!
                                        "Are we ready to go under, ladies?"
                                        [They both nod as they head fir their vault chambers.]
                                        Rebecca: "It is time!"
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                                          [Legacy's Edge]
                                          [Darkness...then light begins to appear with momentary pain from it. Ramirez begins to sit up as pain shoots through his dormant muscles, they feel and drag like heavy bags of lead. His hair is long and dirty, filling his face as he leans over the side of his sleeping platform. He begins to gasp for air as his consciousness fights against the rhythm of his recovering breathing. He overcomes his panic with controlled breathing and meditation as the Quickening begins to regulate and acclimate his body to the environment.]

                                          Ramirez: "Heavenly Father... (he raises his face to the sky beyond the vault and castle walls) ...thank you!"
                                          [The lid to a vault chamber begins to unlock with dust shifting from the mechanics. It lifts with ease from its counterweight design and swivels open as Ramirez climbs out. The sound of the vault unlocking alerts a figure dressed in a patched up bio-hazard tactical suit, walking abruptly to the chamber hall with a tactical rifle sighted in! The gas masked figure turns the corner slowly, but then begins breathing rapidly through the respirators upon discovering Ramirez sitting casually at an old dining table. He takes his eyes off the stress fractures of the roof line and directs all his attention on the possible threat standing before him.]
                                          Ramirez: "Perhaps the hospitality around here has gone the way of the structure?"
                                          [This figure shoulders the weapon and walks to Ramirez with a slight limp that he takes note of. A hood is pulled off that reveals long blonde hair streaked with gray as the gas mask is unbuckled to reveal an older, yet familiar face to him.]
                                          Ramirez: "My God! Hello young lady."
                                          [She hesitates before attempting to speak with a weakened voice that sounds hoarse.]
                                          Kay: "Hello Juan!"
                                          [Tears run down her face as joy, heartbreak and a slight sense of embarrassment flood over her constant pain. He stands and immediately tries to put the gas mask back on her, but she will not let him. He surrenders the struggle and simply holds Kay with a warmth that feels like her memory of the sun. A sun that has not shined here in thirty-two years.]
                                          Ramirez: "Figured I wouldn't win that one!"
                                          [He presses a kiss to the top of her head as she laughs and cries in pain, pulling tightly to him.]

                                          To be continued...
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                                            [Legacy's Edge]
                                            [Kay returns from the cellar and puts down two tin cups for her and Ramirez. He takes the bottle from her and sits her in his chair as he pours. She isn't quite sure how to feel at the moment. The soldier and survivor she's become isn't used to being served in such a formal manner. She wrings her hands under the table so he won't see, but his experience with soldiers and time tells him all he needs to know in this moment. He cuts through the formalities, knowing the edge of a soldier's mentality needs to sharpened. It needs to keep active!]
                                            Ramirez: "How many of you are here now?"
                                            Kay: "We are three strong and holding!"
                                            [He admires the confidence in her strained words.]
                                            Ramirez: "Supplies?"
                                            Kay: "Overstocked... We're sitting good! You all were well prepared for this."
                                            Ramirez: "Structural and damage report."
                                            Kay: "Meteor impact was felt here as small... (she coughs) ...earthquakes. We lost some of the northern wall support. Hall beams are... (she coughs again) ... holding, we've inspected and repaired what we could."
                                            [Ramirez has her take a drink with a subtlety suggested toast.]
                                            Ramirez: "Cheers, my dear!" (tin cup to cup)
                                            "Have any of you checked the other vaults?"
                                            Kay: "Yes! Davis took possession of the master key and lead Watcher position once... (she coughs) ... Adrian passed away. I still hold a dual key for your and Quince's vaults."
                                            Ramirez: "I see!" (He also sees an opportunity and takes it.) "You know... I can wake him!"
                                            [Kay's lips begin to quiver as her eyes tear up. She shakes her head as her voice cracks, but her lips distinctly read "NO!" She takes a breath to recoup.]
                                            Kay: "The elixir preservation is unbelievable! However... (she coughs) ... I have still washed and groomed him over the years. I sleep with him sometimes and hold him whenever I get a chance. He's still beautiful and timeless... (she resists a cough with a slow, heavy breath) ... and that's how I want him to remember me. Young and beautiful... not like this." (she wipes the fallen tears away)
                                            "Not like this!"
                                            [Ramirez leans in as he takes her hands.]
                                            Ramirez: "You're still beautiful!" (he winks at her) "But, I understand your concern and pain! My dear, I've buried three wives and it is never an easy thing. My second took her own life under such pressure." (He hesitates at the memory of it) "The weight of my Immortality and the fears of her own mortality were too much for her to bear in time." (He wrings his own hands for a moment) "Sometimes... words aren't enough!"
                                            [She raises his hand and kisses it before pressing it against her cheek.]
                                            Ramirez: "Well then... the elixir can wait! There are repairs that need doing and we have work ahead of us in these dark days. The Quickening is a source of strength and knowledge. Let's put those to the test!"
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                                              [Legacy's Edge]

                                              [Darkness...absolute darkness with only the sound of a distant voice, a voice getting closer. It's her voice... whispering to him.]
                                              Kay: "You're timeless... you're beautiful."
                                              "Wake up."
                                              [Her face starts to materialize out of the darkness. She feels close, but looks distorted. As if looking at her through a piece of dark glass.]
                                              Kay: "Wake up, Quince!"
                                              "Wake Up!"
                                              [Another voice joins hers in beckoning him. A familiar voice... a distinct voice, his father's voice!]
                                              Connor: "Wake up... WAKE UP! GET UP!!!"
                                              [Quentin's eyes open rapidly as the brightness instantly burns them. He begins gasping for air as his slumbered breathing pattern tries to catch up.]
                                              Ramirez: "EASY! Easy lad!" (he looks to Rebecca to help hold Quentin steady)"Breathe slower... that's it." (Ramirez's face comes into focus) "Greetings Highlander!"
                                              [Quentin starts looking frantically around the room, reaching out into the blinding light.]
                                              Quentin: "Where... where is she!? Kay?"
                                              Rebecca: "Quentin... please!"
                                              Quentin: "Where is she... I saw her! KAAYYY!"
                                              Ramirez: "LISTEN! (the force and tone of Ramirez's voice startles him) She has passed... (Quentin's sunken eyes meet his and start to tear up) ...and is far beyond your reach now!"
                                              Quentin: "I... (he looks at and feels his long hair with confusion) ...I heard my father!"
                                              [Rebecca looks at Ramirez with concern.]
                                              Ramirez: "You've been in slumber for a long time! Your body will adjust with the healing of the Quickening."
                                              Quentin: "Is this first awakening?"
                                              [Rebecca looks to Ramirez with caution as he holds the answer a moment.]
                                              Ramirez: "It's the seventh."
                                              [Quentin's face goes blank at his words.]
                                              Quentin: "What!?"
                                              Ramirez: "It's been seven centuries dear Quentin... (he sinks slowly into the wall) ...and the world has changed much!"
                                              [He then notices that they are both covered in dirt and ashes.]
                                              Quentin: "What's happened?"
                                              Rebecca: "WAR!"

                                              To be continued...
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                                                [Legacy's Edge]

                                                [Quentin sits up as he feels the Quickening moving through his body, his muscles and skin becoming flush and strong again.]
                                                Quentin: "What has happened?"
                                                Rebecca: "WAR!!!"
                                                Quentin: "Where? With whom?"
                                                Rebecca: "Kortan!"
                                                Ramirez: "The oath of the Jettators has been broken and we have been deceived... all of us!"
                                                [Rebecca looks at Ramirez with anger and frustration.]
                                                Ramirez: "A hundred years ago... Kastagir was the first of us conscious for the sixth awakening, and It was he who discovered the KEEP had been breached!"
                                                Rebecca: "These walls were occupied with a mortal war clan. He had to wake the rest of us in secret... vault by vault. That's when we discovered two of them empty and two of us gone! Kortan and Felicia... the Lying Pact! (she spits at the floor after mentioning their names)
                                                "I knew we NEVER should have trusted them!"
                                                [Ramirez nods his head in embarrassment, anger, and shame.]
                                                Quentin: "They're in league?"
                                                Rebecca: "No! Felicia appears to have betrayed him as well. She commands her own clan of Shadow Walkers! They are night stalkers, murderers and thieves. They war against us as well as against Kortan's forces!"
                                                Ramirez: "So you see young Highlander... we face not one, but a legion of adversaries. We are far beyond the GAME now!"
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                                                  [Legacy's Edge]

                                                  [Quentin stands on the terrace of the west wall of the KEEP. The last place he stood with Kay over seven centuries ago. Ramirez joins him out there as he looks over a very different landscape under darkened skies. The air is dirty and has a slight charred taste to it. The smell of coal and ash is blowing in from one of Kortan's factories.]

                                                  Ramirez: "I awoke before the others during the first century. I saw Kay in her elder years, helped her and the remaining Watchers rebuild and defend the KEEP." (Quentin gives him a surprised and frustrated look.) "I did not wake you at her request and deepest regret. She was sick, but ever the strongest and determined!" (Quentin bows his head in heartbreak.) "I was with her at the end and followed her instructions. Hatalyah, Rebecca and I cremated her and buried a portion of her remains here with the Watchers in our Holy Ground."

                                                  [Ramirez sets an old lock box on the wall ledge in front of them]
                                                  Ramirez: "When I was first awakened by the Quickening, I was responsible for helping the Watchers with cataloguing your father's estate. We moved the artifacts from his personal safe to the vault here."
                                                  [Ramirez opens the lock box and reveals an old and beautiful Jade Urn.]
                                                  Quentin: "It's beautiful."
                                                  Ramirez: "Hatalyah knew and worked with your father. She said it was of great importance to him! She personally picked it for Kay. It holds her remains now!"
                                                  [Quentin looks to him with a bit of surprise and endearment.]
                                                  Ramirez: "Kay told me you would know what to do from here."
                                                  [Quentin bows and nods his head as he can still hear her voice.]
                                                  Kay: "You cast me to a STRONG wind... to our sunset!"
                                                  [Tears roll down into his red beard as he looks out into the visible light of the fading sunset. Knowing in his heart that it's time.]
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                                                    [Legacies Edge]
                                                    by Rodimus Prime

                                                    [Ramirez walks Quentin over to one of the chamber windows to see something quite beautiful, ancient and unique. Quentin peers over the ledge to see Zhing Li performing what appears to be a dance and a martial art all at once. She performs with such an intensity and focus that it cuts right through the cold rain showering over her.]
                                                    Quentin: "What is it?"
                                                    Ramirez: "An ancient art lost on this world. An art of focus, strength, healing, meditation, power and subtlety. The Chinese art of Qiao Li... or Bridging Force!"
                                                    Quentin: "It's amazing!"
                                                    [Juan cracks an amused smile.]
                                                    Ramirez: "Good! It's what you're going to start with!"
                                                    [Quentin quickly looks at him with shock and frustration.]
                                                    Quentin: "What!? Kortan has people enslaved right now! How do we have time for me to learn this!?"
                                                    Ramirez: "Kortan has had people enslaved for the last one hundred years! Living and dying under his yoke..." (Ramirez looks back out into the darkened sky with disgust) "...and knowing NO rest or hope in between." (he looks out to the sunrise as a morning star) "You are the key to ending it all, but first we must unlock the lost knowledge in you... through the Quickening."
                                                    [Quentin steps back with confusion in his eyes.]
                                                    Ramirez: "Don't you see that you have more potential than your father could have ever dreamed of! You are a source of unlimited knowledge that we, combined, could unlock. Not only in you... but potentially in ourselves. Imagine what we could teach this new generation, what future we could build together!"
                                                    [Quentin's eyes well up with tears of heartbreak as Ramirez slams down a fist, trembling with passion.]
                                                    Ramirez: "MacLeod, your time is NOW!" (looking to him with a smile of confidence) "...and it is now, your new training begins." (Ramirez looks back out the window at Zhing with a new glint of hope in his eye) "She and I have seen empires rise from tyrants, built on the backs of slaves..." (he looks back over his shoulder to Quentin, dismissing the memories of ancient Egypt) "...and we have seen them fall." (he places a hand of strength on Quentin's shoulder with a rallying shake) "We shall see this one fall together!"
                                                    [Quentin nods his head with no words to match the passion of Ramirez's in this moment.]
                                                    Ramirez: "Come! The others run reconnaissance on Kortan's forces even now. Zhing and I will be your first two teachers... The others will follow. Besides, you're not the first Highlander she's handled."

                                                    [Zhing Li pulls her hands and body through the cold rain with an unflinching elegance. She shifts and pushes the heat of her core CHI through the weight of its fall. Each drop camouflages the tears running down her face as an energy she's never felt before courses through her! She can feel his hands move with hers and smell him as if he were all around her. The falling rain seems to say his name in this moment... "Duncan." The warmth and strength of his hands move all over her as she continues with furious precision. A new phenomenon in her has awakened with Quentin MacLeod.]
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