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Rodimus Prime's ~HIGHLANDER~ [Dumpster Fire]

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  • Rodimus Prime's ~HIGHLANDER~ [Dumpster Fire]

    [Dumpster Fire]

    [Anna holds Duncan as he emotionally breaks down in her arms. The weight of the centuries bears down on every fiber of him.]

    "I'm just tired of losing everyone I love! I just..."

    [He stops! He starts frantically looking around as he feels the presence of another Immortal. Anna knows why he is looking around, and searches too. Fear and shock pour over both of them as they see a strangely familiar figure emerge from the woods.]

    Duncan: "CONNOR!?"
    Connor: "You've got better things to do than sit there on your ASS all night!" ~heh, heh, heh~
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    [Dumpster Fire]

    [Duncan jumps to his feet and motions Anna away! He knows what he's seeing is IMPOSSIBLE. Perhaps it's shock from Joe's death? However, Anna can see him too! Duncan's mind and heart are racing as he tries to rationalize it. The haunting memory and words of "Richie Killer" echo at the thought that this could be a form of Darkness attempting to torture him for Connor now... at his lowest!]

    Duncan: "Are you... (he hesitates at old, yet familiar words) ...are you a demon!?"
    [The figure playfully laughs as he approaches. He lifts one hand and a finger with a sly smile.]
    Connor: "Something like that!"
    Duncan: "How is this..."
    Connor: "...possible? Good question! But, now's not the time for answers. It's time for FOOD. I need some food. Let's GO!"
    [Connor begins to walk towards the farmhouse, then suddenly stops and looks around.]
    Connor: "He's here too. The Guardian!"
    [Anna looks to Duncan with fear.]
    "Where's Reggie?"
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    [Dumpster Fire]

    [Reggie runs frantically deeper into the woods, away from the farm. This haunting figure is the one Methos calls the Guardian. He moves like a ghost, there one moment and gone the next! Stalking and chasing Reggie in a sadistic game of hide and seek. Driving him away from the others because the Guardian knows there is strength in numbers. Reggie is exhausted and tired of running, he takes a defensive stance with his blade extended out into the darkness.]

    Reggie: "Draw your blade! Face me or TOSS OFF! I'm challenging YOU!"
    [Cold and strong hands seem to grab him from out of nowhere! Slowly and powerfully folding his own blade back onto himself as fear rushes through Reggie. This ghostly figure is massive and smells of rotting flesh as he cuddles and pulls Reggie in tightly from behind.]

    The Guardian: "Shhhhhhhh.
    "Poor Reggie! You are NO challenge. Uuuum... You smell of FEAR and I LOVE it!"
    [He licks the sweat from Reggie's ear.]
    "Your Quickening is accepted."
    Reggie: "NOOOOO!"

    [Duncan and the others search in the woods as a unit. They look to each other as they hear Reggie yell out in the distance... then silence. Suddenly the darkness beyond the trees is split by the lightening and violence of the Quickening's release.
    Connor retracts the upper half of a telescoping blade and begins to back step.]
    Connor: "It's too late! Fall back. Stay together."
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    [Dumpster Fire]

    [Methos climbs down from his horse and begins unbuckling him from the farm wagon they used to bring Reggie's body back. Anna kneels at the grave they made for him. She says a silent prayer as Connor stands over her with a comforting hand on her shoulder. Duncan pulls his own hair as he runs his fingers through it in anger and frustration while he paces back and forth.]

    Methos: "Reggie was a good friend and a good student. He..."
    Duncan: "He was a student to us both, Methos! He didn't even stand a chance out there, did he!?"
    [Connor looks around, not just with his eyes, but with all of his senses.]
    Connor: "That's why he drove Reggie further into the woods! This farm is built on Holy Ground. No Immortal can fight here. EVER! (he looks at both of them) Can't you feel it?"
    [Duncan looks at Methos in shock, anger and confusion.]
    Duncan: "What the hell is he talking about!?"
    Methos: "You're not the only one with a hideaway on Holy Ground, MacLeod!"
    Duncan: "YOU COULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING! We could have bunked down in the house! Reggie would have been SAFE! We ALL would have been safe!"
    Connor: "Was he a seeker? (they both look at Connor in confusion) You know... a traveler, a collector! Or... was he the astrologer?"
    Methos: "How did you know that? (he takes a step forward, intrigued.) How did you know about the farm? I have no religious markers here. How do you know we also had a seeker!?"
    Duncan: "Enough with the riddles! (they both look at Duncan as he points to Connor) You DAMN WELL have some explaining to do! I took Connor's head myself..."
    Connor: "Not here Duncan... Not like this."
    [Duncan pulls Anna to her feet and moves her behind him for safety.]
    Connor: "Alright then! I am Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. Born in the Highlands of Scotland, like you! Immortal, like you, but not of this time or of this world."
    [Methos and Duncan look at each other as Anna's gaze stays fixed on the anomaly standing before them.]
    Connor: "Can we get some food now?"
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    I like it when the title describes the content properly...
    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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      Originally posted by Nicholas Ward View Post
      I like it when the title describes the content properly...
      I'm pretty certain it was inspired! Hahah.


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        [Dumpster Fire]

        Methos: "Wait, wait... it's a WHAT!?"
        [Connor starts chuckling at Methos and Anna with a mouth full of bread and turkey. She loves his charm, but is unsure what to make of this mysterious man. Connor points at Methos as he washes down the mouthful with a glass of red wine.]
        Connor: "A collision of celestial energies. Cosmic Riffs osculating... it's a dimensional dumpster fire! Rules are being broken!"
        Duncan: "This is absurd."
        Giovanni: "This is blasphemy!"
        Connor: "Blasphemy Wasphemy! (he laughs playfully) Do you know how many priests I've hung with? (he takes another swig of wine) Do you know how many I've been hanged with!?"
        [Methos laughs with Connor, receiving a scornful look from Duncan.]
        Giovanni: "I am a Cardinal... not merely a Priest!"
        [Connor leans in towards Anna and whispers in a drunken tone.]
        Connor: "He's very serious!" ~heh, heh, heh~
        Anna: "You said you've only begun to parallel jump. Meaning all your other travels weren't... Earth?"
        [Connor points to Anna as he looks at Duncan while chewing another bite.]
        Connor: "See... I like this one! This one is smart. (he points to Giovanni) That one over there doesn't get it. This one here, she gets it!"
        Duncan: "Great! Now he's gonna tell us we're all aliens or some ridiculous crap!"
        Connor: "Oh... I'm sorry, Smart Ass! Do you know who your birth parents were?"
        [Duncan's eyes burn into him with a scornful look that holds a sense of question.]
        Connor: "Do any of us?"
        [Connor looks around at all of them. Anna's eyes look at Duncan with the urge to share that she, too, was adopted. Duncan discreetly and subtlety shakes his head NO.]
        Methos: "What are you trying to say?"
        Connor: "Look, I'm not saying we're aliens. We're all from here! But, I will tell you Earth is the farthest and final dimension."
        Anna: "Farthest from what?"
        [Duncan quickly stands and turns to Connor.]
        Duncan: "Look, Anna isn't part of this!"
        Connor: "She's more a part of this than you're willing to accept... or confess!"
        Duncan: "Damn you, Connor!"
        [Duncan storms out of the room and Giovanni follows. Methos sits silently, watching them both leave before his eyes go back to Anna with curiosity. Connor takes another bite and raises his glass in a toast.]
        Connor: "To the magic!"
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        [Dumpster Fire]

        [Duncan and Giovanni walk the perimeter of the farm, scouting the woods beyond it.]
        Giovanni: "Do you actually believe him to be your Clansman... or possibly a Wraith?"
        Duncan: "I don't know what he is, but he talks like Connor." (Duncan looks to Giovanni in confusion) "He feels like Connor!"
        Giovanni: "The Devil can take many forms..."
        [Duncan smirks at him with a sense of sarcasm.]
        Duncan: "Relax Giovanni. I don't think he's the Devil!"
        [They are both startled by Connor's laughter as he steps out from beyond the woodshed.]
        Connor: "I've been called that before! Speak of him... and he shall appear." ~heh, heh~
        [They look to each other in caution as Connor joins them. He turns to look out into the woods in a fashion similar to the way he once viewed the battlefield with Napoleon Bonaparte.]
        Duncan: "I've seen it up close and it is NO man!"
        Connor: "He watches us even now! Hungers for the Quickening."
        [Giovanni draws his sword.]
        Giovanni: "Is it vampiric? Can it be seen in a reflection or slain with a Holy blade!?"
        [Connor smiles at Giovanni's enthusiasm as Duncan shakes his head.]
        Connor: "The old legends... I like that!"
        Duncan: "It's not a Vampire or a Wraith!!!"
        [Connor laughs at both of them before resuming gazing out there.]
        Connor: "It's not man either, but it once was! They were Immortal... like us. Driven by the Game, by their own desires, and imprisoned by the Source."
        Giovanni: "They? You mean there's more than one!?"
        Connor: "Here we face only one, but throughout the dimensions... I have faced many Guardians. Seekers of the Source that have become enslaved by it!
        Giovanni: "Is the Source a Holy Grail for our kind? A resource of blessings and celestial enlightenment that they challenge us for and keep us from?"
        [Connor turns to him with a cold and disturbed countenance.]
        Connor: "NO! It is something much more unique and terrifying! A liberator or an enslaver that feeds on our lifeforces and desires." (He looks to Duncan) "And now it calls to Anna... doesn't it?"
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        [Dumpster Fire]
        [Giovanni walks the perimeter performing blessing and protection prayers as Connor watches him from a distance.]
        Connor: "I do like his faith and dedication! Something this world is short of in these dark days."
        [Duncan looks up from stacking wood to see what nonsense Giovanni is up to!]
        Duncan: "Glad somebody is enjoying his company!"
        [Connor laughs at Duncan's sarcasm. He's missed it over the centuries.]
        Connor: "It's good because I needed you alone."
        Duncan: "Oh? Why's that? So you can take my head and whizz off into another dimension to go torment somebody else?"
        [Connor looks at him with sincerity.]
        Connor: "I'm not your tormentor, Duncan... you are!"
        Duncan: "PISS OFF!"
        [Duncan points to the house with a piece of fire wood.]
        Duncan: "Why don't you go discuss philosophy and the cosmos with Methos. He's into that sort of thing!"
        Connor: "They don't know about her... do they?"
        Duncan: "I don't know what you're talking about!"
        Connor: "Oh, of course you don't! Just like you didn't know about Kate."
        Duncan: "Stop it... STOP!"
        Connor: "I wonder if she'll suffer a similar birth... or death?"
        [Duncan throws a piece of wood into the stacked pile, spilling his whole work to the ground.]
        Duncan: "ENOUGH, Connor!"
        [Connor folds his hands and begins to walk around the crumpled pile like a strategist analyzing the fallen on a battlefield.]
        Connor: "You and I have always had a keen sense for Immortals before their first death. More than most others I have met."
        [Duncan begins restacking the pile with anger and frustration.]
        Duncan: "What's your point?"
        Connor: "I wonder how many Immortals you exposed Richie to who had no clue of his potential?"
        [Duncan stops cold at that question.]
        Connor: "I'd be willing to bet you took advantage of your special gift while protecting him from others. Hiding him in plain sight and pretending to be none the wiser!"
        [Duncan looks into Connor's face like he's looking into the hard truth in the morning mirror.]
        Connor: "You can't hide this one, Duncan! Or use her to your advantage... not this time."
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