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  • My Cool Ebay Find

    Scored this yesterday.
    "It's Rock & Roll. If you aren't breaking some sort of law, then you are doing it wrong." - me, answering a bandmate's question of what would happen if someone called the law on us for playing too loud at an outdoor show.

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    Nice, are you going to try and find all alternative covers?
    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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      I have only the digital versions. Humidity where I live is pretty destructive to paper media. There are good and bad. Carlos Rafael was my favorite of the artists. I think Carlos Lopez's coloring is good.
      Fabio Laguna's art was weird, and tended to look dead.
      I did not like Lee Moder's style.
      Nor Kevin Sharpe's.
      I like Tony Harris' cover.
      Homs had a good take.
      Dave Dorman's had an appeal, too.