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"Highlander: Veritas" stop-motion mini-series

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  • "Highlander: Veritas" stop-motion mini-series

    Official Facebook page:

    From the mind of Derek "Texlander" May, comes "Highlander: Veritas."
    Highlander: Dark Places

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    Ah! you beat me to it! Thanks, Andrew!


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      It's really well done. Not perfect but satisfies on so many levels. Wish I had a dvd of it.


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        I can bring you a DVD in LA, Rusty.


        • Rusty Bollocks
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          That would be grand!

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        I'd like one too please.
        By mail? To Europe?
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          Well, I have to be careful here. I'm not supposed to sell them, though I can give them as gifts to a few people I meet in person. But I don't want to spend a ton of money shipping them out, and don't feel right asking people to pay. But if you really want a DVD, you can PM me and maybe we can figure something out.


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            Remarkably well-written and acted show. It takes the weaknesses of the official versions of the films (well, not 2, but I know tex's feelings on that one) and works with them, rather than against them. I can't wait what tex has coming up next.


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              The work that went into it, WOW!


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                This was a really cool story. I enjoyed ching. Thanks for sharing it!
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                  Originally posted by Mr.Slash View Post
                  This was a really cool story. I enjoyed ching. Thanks for sharing it!
                  *teases you affectionately*


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                    Oh I am terribly excited!
                    ANNOUNCEMENT: So this update is far too long coming, but we're very excited to finally announce that actual animation production has commenced!!

                    You're probably asking why it's taken this long; well, unfortunately, there are a LOT of reasons. Partly it's due to the nature of stop-motion animation: there's an ungodly amount of preparation involved. Unlike live-action where you might shoot different takes and see what works or entire scenes from various angles, due to the time and effort required for each shot, we only shoot what absolutely needs to be shot for each frame, and that requires a LOT of storyboarding, animatics, ultra-specific shot lists, etc.

                    Another reason is that this season is literally twice as ambitious as our first. Last time, we had a total of 253 individual shots requiring animation, 90% of which was mostly sitting and talking. This time, we have well over 500 shots, with a lot more movement and action (and if you think that means swordfights, you just might be right!).

                    We've also upgraded nearly every piece of equipment this time, from our camera to our animation software to our lights and filters. More sophisticated tools means more of a learning curve (in this case, there might have been a few circles).

                    The good news is that all of this means production will hopefully be far smoother than last time, meaning though we're starting later than we'd have liked, we're also closer to the finish line than we were last time at this point. If we've prepped correctly and done our homework, than shooting and editing should be a far smoothing process than before (fingers crossed!).

                    We've still got a long ways to go, so don't expect to see anything finished for several months still. But, we haven't been slacking (too much). All the voices have been recorded and edited, music and sound effects pretty much set, animatics complete (so we know where we're going), shot lists locked and our process viable.

                    Now we just have to shoot the sucker
                    Click image for larger version

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                      I can't wait to see the next one.