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How many times have you watched it?

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  • How many times have you watched it?

    I have watched it at least ten times in the theater and then at east twice a year watching it on tape or television. Most recently, yesterday on cable.

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    I've consulted with more than one re-editing project for the film, so my answer would be, "Too many times."

    Probably 20, I guess.

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      Twice, and that was plenty.


      • Aleander
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        Editing a comment
        Its bad, but still a lot more fun than a LOT of episodes.

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      Waaaaayyyy too many times to even count. First saw it in the theater back in January 1995, and have since owned the VHS, Laserdisc, and DVD versions of the U.S. cut (plus the Japanese Blu-Ray of the International version), and rewatched it again late last spring as part of a TV universe run-through (during Season 3).


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        Whenever I feel like watching Highlander, but not marathoning it in any way, it's always this film that I watch... so a lot... most recently just last week.


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          I have only watched once.
          I didn't like it.


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            I'm not certain how many times. I did see it recently, and found some fine acting on the part of the coroner.


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              Between renting the VHS, buying the laserdisc and subsequent DVD releases from around the globe and the various blu-rays.... countless times!


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                I think maybe like more than 50 times.
                I first rented the VHS tape back in the 90s a couple times. I remember being very entertained by it on the first viewing because it was different from the tv series but i liked seeing Connor MacLeod on screen having an adventure and seeing some new flashbacks of him.
                Eventually bought the VHS from the Highlander catalog.

                When the trend of DVD came about. I got what I believe is the second release. It was cool just to see it in widescreen with some better video quality. Watched that one a couple times a week. It was fun to pop in the disc and go straight to a fight scene and such.
                I later purchased a Canadian release that had The Sorcerer cut. Not the best quality but i was fascinated to see a slightly different version of the film that had sort of a different tone with the different songs thrown in.
                For kicks I later purchased the first edition DVD cause it was dirt cheap on eBay. Watched that one only once and it allowed me to not bother with the VHS tape anymore.

                In recent times I bought the Japanese bluray release. That re invigorated my fondness of the film with seeing some promo material from back in the day.

                Overall, I enjoy the film for what it is. Yea its a rehash of the first film, though I guess that was them playing it safe, seeing as how Highlander 2 was so off the rails.
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                  Twice on VHS and once on DVD when I purchased it.
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