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Your preference -- a reboot Highlander movie trilogy or a reboot Highlander TV show?

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  • Your preference -- a reboot Highlander movie trilogy or a reboot Highlander TV show?

    What say you, if it had to be one? There are obvious pros and cons to either.

    A movie trilogy reboot
    A TV show reboot
    I don't want any reboot!
    Highlander: Dark Places

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    I have such a back log of TV shows to watch, I'd prefer it to be a trilogy of films.


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      Takk's got a point, there are so many choices now it's insane. But if well done a series fleshes out story and characters, I find myself spending most of my time binge watching shows I've never gotten to before and stream a movie if I don't have time to commit. I voted series.

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        I want both.....You can have a reboot trilogy and a companion series that could be set between those 3 movies with a different Macleod who hasn't met Connor and their paths cross in Highlander 2 or Highlander 3


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          Do you mean a hard reboot where someone new plays Connor or Duncan? Because Christopher and Adrian are irreplaceable. I would have to choose none of the above.

          If you mean a soft reboot, however, with all new main characters, then I would prefer a TV series over a movie trilogy, because you have so much more time to explore the characters and themes, and we don't need another 90 minute origin story. Also, TV is where all the creative freedom is nowadays, which sucks, but for whatever reason, most big movies today (unless they're produced through Netflix or something) are nothing but soulless cash grabs (desperately milking every last drop from wrinkly old intellectual property) where every little detail is micromanaged and studios refuse to put faith in an artist's vision, unless they're a cinema god like Quentin Tarantino, who's gonna make 'em guaranteed profit regardless of the product. It's ironic, because it used to be features where filmmakers had far more freedom, and TV was heavily limited, but now we could have a Highlander TV series where they didn't have to shoot around all the gory decapitations and titty sucking sex scenes. And quickenings could probably be done cheaper and better as well.

          And although it's true that there is far too much content produced nowadays, and it's hard to commit to watching a series, I think if it's really good (and it should be, unless they totally miscast it) then people will spread it through word of mouth.


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            I'd prefer a series. What I would like is for it to be 99% flashbacks. Basically in the first episode we have our lead immortal, an ancient, sitting down with a mortal (either a Watcher or a reporter) telling them about their life. Explain that there are only a few dozen immortals left, and our protagonist wants to tell their life story, in case they don't survive the coming Gathering.
            Each episode will then be told in chronological order, from when the lead first became an immortal millenia ago, and then we follow them through time each episode. Each season could cover an era, perhaps classical period for the 1st season, Greece and Rome. Middle Ages (Dark ages and Medieval) for the 2nd season. Third season move into the Renaissance. Fourth season the 18th/19th century, and then finally the 5th season the 20th/21st century.
            This was assuming it was 22 episodes per season, if it was only 10 episodes I'd need a lot more seasons


            • Elijah Throckmorton
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              Why is what you described a perfect television show? That sounds amazing.

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            Why not both? Granted, no one could really replace Connor or Duncan, but I'd be supportive of a movie trilogy to get the name of the franchise out there again, even if it was a hard reboot (so long as Ryan Reynolds wasn't playing Connor). If they were going to do a series, they should do one like Dragosani suggested. Although, and this is purely arbitrary, if they wanted to go off where The Source ended, they could start the whole cycle of the Gathering over again. Maybe a new immortal discovers the existence of a series original, probably Methos, and he/she trains the new immortal for the coming fight, maybe tells them a little about their history through flashbacks. If it were Methos, at the very least that kind of a series could provide a decent excuse to go more in-depth with his story. That's just a thought, of course, though in the grand scheme it probably would be better to do a series reboot. That way there'd be less of a chance the producers/writers could screw it up too horribly, less of a financial risk on part of the producers (if it were done through a streaming service), and more time for story and character arc developments.