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Does anyone own any props?

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  • Does anyone own any props?

    Around 11 years ago I bought the Guardian's arm band that goes around his bicep. I also bid for the claw things and distinctly remember being devastated when some guy beat me out on the auction at the last minute.

    They did, of course, auction all of that stuff before the movie actually came out.
    Highlander: Dark Places

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    Not a prop but a costume. I was able to get one of Adrian's silk shirts from season one. One of the swordfighter poufy shirts was how it was described. Sadly, it got damaged by a rogue puppy when kids in the house decided to wear the shirt to play pirate. At least I still have the production picture of him wearing the shirt. I tried to buy Duncan's dress from Timeless during the Anaheim Convention. When I mentioned it to a friend in the autograph room Adrian asked me why I wanted that costume. I told him because the episode aired on my birthday and I knew it was him playing Kate before he ever turned around. I lost the bid to someone who collected famous costumes.


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      I tried it once in the auction but missed. Have never bothered anymore


      Nakelo, Manassas


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        I remember when a friend bought the body mold that Adrian used in Endgame when he was supposed to have been impaled on a spike. It was auctioned off at Gathering 5 in Denver. She put a tee shirt over it as she waited in the autograph line for him to sign it. The mold was of his back from neck down to thighs. So many people got a kick out of that body mold. My friend joked that she had several other molds he had auctioned off and almost had enough of them to commission a sculpture of Adrian from them. I wonder if she ever got that sculpture made.


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          Oh gosh that would be so cool!

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        I also got one of the Inferno scripts from The Raven signed by both Elizabeth Gracen and David Abramowitz. It is one of the color coded ones which show the different script changes. Someday I am going to add Michelle Gomez's and Paul Johansson's autographs to it as well.