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What did the Guardian mean...

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  • What did the Guardian mean...

    ... when he said "This is the eeend of time"?

    Highlander: Dark Places

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    I think he meant the script was poorly written and he needed to use as many cliches as possible.


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      He meant... um, "You idiots didn't fight until there is only one, and so now I have to step in."


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        He's just trying to get in Duncan's head.

        I actually liked the Guardian character. He was a good antagonist.


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          He was probably expecting it to be the end of his time, at the very least. He had killed the previous Guardian, so he was likely expecting someone to be the one to kill him and release him from his hell. Of course, he knew he couldn't let that happen until they got close enough to the Source to justify it, thus bestowing his curse upon another, and then those that he picked off over the course of the film were likely those he felt were unworthy of him. But when Duncan finally arrives and beats him, he seemed pretty pissed off that he chose not to kill him and take his place, so it would seem fairly apparent that he wanted it to be the end of his time.


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            Not bad, Takk!

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          He was mocking the apocalyptic state of the world and the potential culmination of The Game.

          "Really? We are trapped in a room with a machine that can cut off my head. Now that's a longshot."
          --Connor MacLeod in Peter Bellwood's original Highlander II script


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            He was paraphrasing Kronos. It's well known that the Guardian was a fan-boy of the Horseman
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