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  • From the Highlands of the Green Mountain State

    Hello everyone. I was actually here before the forum closed down and I was on the Facebook page for a very brief time. I had been dealing with some emotional issues at the time and all of that just sort of snowballed and sent me on a three-year spiral. I'm back on my feet now more or less, back in my hometown and living on my native earth once again.

    I was born and raised in Vermont. I've been a fan of Highlander since college. I'll admit to only watching all the way up to about halfway through Season Five. I just can't bring myself to watch Richie's death in much the same way that I can't watch Season Four of Downton Abbey because of what happens to Anna.

    I suppose my main quirk is my ability to endlessly obsess over the details of fiction and to explore the various plot points that weren't covered by the writers. So no, "It wasn't in the budget," or "That's just what the writer's needed" doesn't satisfy me as a response. Because that's the storytelling equivalent of looking at a math problem and being asked to explain how you came to the answer, only to respond with, "I added one number to another number and this is what I got."

    To quote Sunset Boulevard, "Hey, I'm a writer."

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    Welcome to the board!
    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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      The more the merrier! The more obsessed, the better!


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        Highlander: Dark Places


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          Welcome back.