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Elizabeth Gracen's birthday project

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  • Elizabeth Gracen's birthday project

    Elizabeth's birthday is coming up on April 3rd. Instead of a standard card try writing or sharing a poem with her on the poetry pages of her Flapper Press web site. She created the pages for her friends and fans to have a creative outlet. Let your creative spirit out and know that she will appreciate whatever you share. Good writing everyone.

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    That is a good idea ... Hope lots of members will follow the project
    La Peur Tue l'Esprit ...


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      I have!


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        Coll, will you post this for me, please? I'm not on FB any more.

        Practicing Form

        Dancing adagio, the lady never pauses,

        Knowing the earth with her feet, tasting the air with her fan,

        She turns as slowly and surely as a twisting shoot of ivy.

        Her fan, hand painted with peach blossoms,

        Unfolds, rattles and snaps,

        Impenetrable silk and steel ribs hidden in the delicate flutter.

        “A sinner can always repent, but stupid is forever.”
        Billy Sunday


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          Sorry it took so long to share this with Flapper Press. My internet access was down for a bit and then I wasn't visiting the forum much. Your poem will be shared at the end of the month with the rest of this month's submissions. I included your real name as well as your screen name.
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        Everyone should check out Coolwater's poem at
        Elizabeth Gracen has just posted the May poetry submissions today. The other poems are also well written.


        • Coolwater
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          Thank you, ma'am.

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        Could you post a more specific address, please? I found the site, but not the birthday poems.
        “A sinner can always repent, but stupid is forever.”
        Billy Sunday


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          Once you are at the Flapper Press site click on the Arts and Entertainment button. The poetry has its own section.


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            I don't know if this link will work.


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              Hopefully others will be encouraged to submit their poetry and short stories of blogs on Elizabeth's site. You can also sign up for her site to become a regular follower of all you want to do is read the blogs.


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                Elizabeth posted that the theme for June is Notorious. Submit your poetry and short stories to flapperpress to have it published on her site at the end of the month.


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                  The theme for July is Summer. Have fun and share a poem or short story at Flapperpress.