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Did someone ever see the finished contest/remake sword?

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  • Did someone ever see the finished contest/remake sword?

    In 2015 there was a contest with Irishamericanlad who would make the new sword.

    This design won:

    And first draft was made I think.

    If it was never finished it would fit the current state the remake is in.
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    Not certain though about the Western biblical imagery.


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      Interesting look, but I don't see the point of a full redesign unless they're going to have it actually play into the storyline somehow. A presumed ancestor of the famous Masamune creating the sword is all we were ever given before, and while that seems primed for further back backstory, it would seem entirely superfluous unless he were, himself, revealed to be an immortal, and maybe some sort of mentor to Ramirez. All of this would, of course, justify a redesign and a focus on the look, but if it's as plain as the first film's explanation, I'd honestly not care if it were just a basic nihonto design, as the blade is what really matters, not the handle and tsuba.


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        I don't like the new design ... too aggressive ...
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          Heaven forbid an aggressive sword!
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