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Does Kortan die?

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  • Does Kortan die?

    I recently started re-watching the Animated series and I was wondering if it ever reaches a definite conclusion? Does Quentin fulfill his destiny and kill Kortan or is it left open? I saw a "final episode" on Youtube once that shows him beheading Kortan, but it was marked as "fan-edited", so I'm not sure if it is official. Also, there seems to be differences between the French and the English episodes of the series. Has anyone here seen the both and knows if Kortan is killed or not?

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    I think they never resolved it. Wish they had!


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      There is a fan made finale edited from various episodes of the animated series which was on YT. Not sure links are allowed but search:
      Highlander: TAS fanedited Final Episode - Complete
      the poster is goldengoose05


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        Thanks a lot, I found it on YT Nice to see the story resolved. As I said, I am currently re-watching the Animated Series and I am really enjoying it. I last saw it as a kid and viewing it again now, I am suprised how mature some of the tone is, especially with all the deaths (even if they are off-screen or only hinted at).
        However, I do find a lot of continuity mistakes too. For example "The Eye of Heaven": Why does Shepherd pass on the knowledge of the satelite to Quentin if he blows it up anyway?